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Zooey Deschanel

She has been in some of the most ridiculous movies of all time, including Failure to Launch and Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. The one excellent movie she was in was not actually much aided by her performance, which was a shame. This movie was Bridge to Terabithia.

Who is she? She is a young actress with longish, wavy brown hair, bright eyes and a great sense of humor. She makes us laugh, she takes us along on her sometimes crazy journeys. She outshone Sarah Jessica Parker. Who is she?

Zooey Deschanel.

Why do we care?

Because she is a relatively famous actress who would make a good friend. The reasons for this are myriad, and also theoretical given that I have not ever actually met her, but she strikes one as the type of person who I could get along with.

First off, Zooey is clearly a quirky type of person. In her marquee roles, she doesn’t play edgy or even textured characters. Instead, she is cast as a sort of deviant, not in a negative way but in a ‘doesn’t quite fit in’ way. Viewers are never really sure about what she’s going to do next in these bigger named roles, but we always know it’s going to be something weird and probably silly. We know this is the case because she always seems to have a glint in her eye and a slight smirk.

This casting that she can’t seem to avoid is likely due to her personality being quirky, sarcastic and somewhat off-kilter. This is the kind of person I get along with, so I expect she would be a good friend.

Second, Ms. Deschanel is lovely but doesn’t seem hung up on it. You don’t see her cavorting on red carpets and flashing her privates to any and all photgraphers in the area. She doesn’t go around acting like a pop star, although she does have musical leanings. She is clearly not a diva, although she is clearly very talented.

This matter-of-factness is endearing and attractive. When she appears on talk shows, Zooey is pleasant and easy to talk to, particularly when she visits Craig Ferguson. She smiles easily and can handle Ferguson’s constant flirting and totally absurd sense of humor with no problem. In fact, she can give as well as she can take.

Which leads us to the final reason Zooey Deschanel would make a good friend. She is obviously smart, witty, and sees the world with positive but silly eyes. She seems to have a good attitude about life, without being sickeningly bubbly.

For these reasons, Zooey Deschanel is probably at the top of the list of potential best friends who are famous actors.