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Zecheria Sitchen Homo Sapien Sapiens God Extraterrestrial Life Archeology other

Did God Create Man?

A God, since antiquity, has been viewed as a supernatural being, a creator, and overseer of the universe.  Cultures and religions have various conceptions and common characteristics about God.  The most prevalent of these characteristics include all knowing, omnipotent, omnipresent, omnibenevolent, eternal, and divine .  Since  God is viewed as a sole creator of the universe, by definition, God was not created from or on the Earth in a physical sense.  The definition of “extraterrestrial” means beyond, not of this Earth.  This would make God an extraterrestrial.  In a religious and philosophical sense, however, the conception of God is a man-made conception and was created by man existing on the Earth.  Whether you argue for or against the concept of God being an extraterrestrial, it is neither right or wrong. The  concept is relative, in large part , to a person’s point of view and belief system.

Many cultures in antiquity believed that their Gods did not come from the Earth, but rather they visited Earth from other parts of the Universe and created life on our planet.  One ancient civilization with this concept includes the Ancient Sumerians.  Zecheria Sitchin explains that the ancient Sumerians believed that the Anunnaki, “those who came from heaven to Earth”, specifically their god Enki and his half sister Ninki  were mortal species from another planet in the universe. Sitchin also explains that the gods were constantly intervening with humans and the development of our species:

“The Anunnaki, specifically Enki and his half-sister Ninki, were responsible for the genetic experiments which combined Anunnaki DNA with that of Homo erectus in order to create Homo Sapien Sapiens thus placing the human evolution far ahead of schedule and with the added ingredient of extraterrestrial DNA .

Sitchin attempts to explain the “missing link” between Homo Erectus and Homo  Sapiens Sapiens.  Scientists and researchers have found that there is only a 2% difference in the DNA between modern apes and humans.  They also can not explain the cause for a growth of three times the size of the human brain over a one-million year time span between homo erectus and Homo Sapien Sapiens.  Sitchin also suggests that evolution can not explain this anomaly because the time span of 1 million years is too short to account for the human brain for a growth of three times its size.  Most of the DNA that makes modern day humans different to apes is the presence of the HAR genes in human DNA.  The connection he tries to make is that the Anunnaki experimented with humans by inserting the extraterrestrial HAR genes over time,  into the Homo erectus genome to create Homo Sapien Sapiens. 


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