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Yule Tradition Ideas for Families with Children

There are many wonderful Yule traditions that you can have with the family, especially if you have children.  Doing the same tradition year after year can help make the holiday special, because it is often these little things that we do that the kids enjoy and remember for their lives.  The following are some nice Yule tradition ideas for families with children.

Have the children give to those less fortunate

So many people get during this season, but it is a wonderful thing to give.  This is especially nice to instill in children.  Many people in America have much more than they need, including children.  A nice and special tradition would be to have children give to someone less fortunate.  You could do this in different ways.  You could let them pick out a toy, which you will send to a charity such as Toys for Tots.  Also, you could have them go with you somewhere to volunteer such as visiting a senior home.  They could go through their old things to find out if there is anything that they would like to donate to a charity such as Goodwill.  This can show them that giving and not getting is more in the spirit of the holiday and can bring the most pleasure.

Spend the day as a family together with no interruptions

So much of the family time seems interrupted by items such as television, the Internet, texting, the phone and so forth.  Make a day that is just abut the family and spending quality time.  No other interruptions or activities.  You could talk, tell stories, play games, cook and eat together.  This can be a special day where the focus is on the family and spending quality time together.  You could stay in the house or go somewhere quiet like a park.  The family may find that they don’t even miss their electronic gadgets for the one day.

Do crafts for the holiday

It is fun for children to be innovative and to make things.  Crafts are a wonderful way to get in the spirit of the holidays.  There are an almost unlimited amount of Yule crafts that you can do, which would be suitable for all different age ranges of children.  The time you spend doing them with them is also nice quality time.  These crafts can be things that you display as holiday decorations or could be gifts to give to family members.  You can also save them every year to remind you of how they are growing.