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Yule non Pagan

Yule is so closely linked to the celebration of Christmas, many pagans and non-pagans have no difficulty finding ways to celebrate together. If you are pagan and want to include some of your non-pagan friends in a Yule celebration, there are several ways in which you can mark the Solstice together. However, it is always polite and a good idea to make sure your non-pagan friends know in advance why you are asking them to join you in a celebration of any kind. Some people may be perfectly at ease with knowing your beliefs, but actually participating in a ritual or activity may go against their own beliefs and teachings.

The easiest way of including non-pagans in Yule is to share some food with them. While many other faiths place an emphasis on fasting at certain times of the year, pagans generally use feasting as a way to mark special days. Holding a dinner party on the evening of the winter solstice is a good way to celebrate with pagans and non-pagans together. The meal can be as elaborate or as simple as you desire, and could even be a takeaway pizza. It is the act of sharing your meal with others that is significant, and  if your beliefs include the honouring of deity then leaving a portion of food as an offering should also be included.

Another way to celebrate Yule as a pagan but to include non-pagans is to organise an evening helping at a soup kitchen or local homeless shelter for you and your friends. This can include the sharing of food mentioned above, but also allows you all to give something back to your community at a time of year when giving is big business. Many pagans believe that you should behave towards others in the way you would want them to treat you, and helping those less fortunate than yourself is a good way of achieving this. Some people thing of it as “paying-forwards”; doing the good deed first, in case you ever need the same compassion extended to yourself at a later date.

If your circle of friends does not really include any non-pagans, then you could include your co-workers in your Yule celebrations instead. If you are making finger or buffet foods for a pagan yule celebration meal, why not make a little extra and then take the food in to work with you to share there. Instead of the plethora of mince pies that usually adorn office tables at this time of year, you could offer some berry muffins or cupcakes, or slices of Yule Log (chocolate Swiss Roll cake covered in chocolate butter cream icing).    

Giving gifts is also a modern pagan tradition at Yule, so visiting your non-pagan friends and swapping your presents is a simple way of including them on your own special day. Hand made gifts such as soap and candles, or simple hand made cards are good items to give non-pagans and pagans alike at Yule. At work, you can join in with the Secret Santa too, which is often carried out a few days before Christmas and close to Yule.

Celebrating Yule with non-pagan friends and co-workers need not be an overly religious activity. Indeed, no one but yourself needs to be aware of why you are offering them cake or a card if you want to keep your beliefs to yourself.