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You can Change here is how

An unhelpful and inaccurate expression: ‘He/she/I cannot change’

The essence of life is change, every single particle is in a constant state of motion, nothing is ever really static, it just appears so.

So, those of us who resist change are resisting nature, and will always therefore come unstuck.

We can all change, we just need to make a commitment to do so and then look for the resources to enable us to facilitate that change.

People around us may be reluctant to let us change; they may be reluctant to accept that change for us is possible. But if you are making positive changes for yourself, then pay no heed to the rest!

Facilitating change:
If there are characteristics that you dislike in yourself, list them. Also list the qualities about yourself that you like. This is important to ensure balance. A list of purely negatives may lower your self-esteem and that is NOT the point of this exercise.

When you have your list, make a quiet promise to yourself to change those qualities you dislike. You may not know how to go about making these changes so do some homework. Look on the net or in the library for resources that can help change your thinking, break old habits, and cure addictions. Then put in the effort. Apply yourself.

If you really want to make changes you can do it. But you have to first want it enough to work towards it.

We do not think anything is strange in studying for a qualification that will help us get that job we want. Studying to help make positive changes to our personal self is no different to struggling to make positive changes to our life (career etc) in fact they are one and the same thing. You are working on you for a more successful and harmonious life.

Go for it