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Women Action Figures

Womens’ roles in movies for the longest time have been about the same. A homemaker, the one needing to be rescued, a damsel in distress if you will. There is usually some ruggedly handsome troublemaking guy who comes rushing to the rescue and ends up falling in love with her. The end.

Then there is a new generation of movies. Movies like Tomb Raider, Transformers and Mr and Mrs Smith all have females roles with some action. Shooting guns, toting knives and kicking butt and taking names. These women didn’t wait to be rescued, they made their own way.

People will argue: But these women are just there for looks. They’re always big breasted with usually long flowing hair and big full lips. What do guys undoubtedly see when they view characters like this? Chicks with guns.

However the role of women action  heroes may be more important for women themselves. Teen girls and women alike may find it  refreshing to view a part of themselves in the action rather than playing the secretary or the helpless one. Maybe by watching women in a fight scene she may think of her own power (not just in fighting) but being able to take on life.

Consistent roles of helpless, needy women aren’t good for women as a whole. It subconsciously puts the idea that we’re the weaker sex into mind. That we would be better off behind the scenes or worse yet that we cannot handle our problems- that we need Mr. Hero to come and save us.

Some men might also find female  heroines refreshing and could help them view us more as equals. Surely a man doesn’t want a woman he constantly needs to rescue like the ones portrayed historically in films. The biggest problem with women heroines is their sex goddess appearance. Sure, it’s great they’re attractive but it’s also down-playing the roles of the characters and making a standard of beauty unrealistic for a woman to uphold. Who can take on six guys in a fight, run from a burning building and not have a hair out of place or a smudge on their face? C’mon!

If Hollywood were to split the difference- Have a woman action figure who was pretty, gets messy once in awhile and also develops as an intelligent and well-rounded character, women action  heroes in modern films could be a better model for woman everywhere and would be more realistic for men as well.