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Witchcraft new Age

The word “witchcraft” makes us think of spells, broomsticks, and potions.  When we hear the word “witches” we think of mean, ugly ladies with pointed hats, black cats, and a creepy laugh.  Witches are notoriously known for casting spells.

Casting a spell, however, is really all about intent.  In today’s time, the power of intention is comparable to the “magic” that makes a spell work.  When we have a goal, we hold a picture in our minds about what we want to achieve.  We set our intention on achieving that goal.  The intention has power because we believe we can achieve this goal.  By visualizing our goal, thinking about it, feeling the emotions of achieving it, and “knowing” that we will have it, we send out vibrational frequencies that ultimately lead to the manifestation of our intention. 

In essence, a spell has power because you believe it does; or at least the person casting the spell believes it does.  The “witch” puts her/his intention out into the air, visualizes what she/he wants to achieve, and then believes it is going to happen.  He or she may use tools or objects included in the spell, such as a gemstone, a bird feather, or a scented oil; and this is similar to the many ways in which we use objects to achieve our goals.  For instance, we may hang a picture on the wall that reminds us of our goal, or have a lucky key chain (or other object) that we have “blessed”, or given power to, with our intention.   

We may put a bamboo plant in our office to “attract” good luck or wealth, etc.  Fung shui is a respected ancient practice that is moving into mainstream faster than ever before.  We are paying attention to the color, placement, and elements (wood, metal, water, etc.) of our surroundings; even placing gold dragons, roosters, and other symbols in strategic places to “ward off negative energy” or “evil spirits”.  In relation to witchcraft, we are recognizing that all things have energy, and we are trying to manipulate that energy to comply with what we want to achieve.

Using aromatherapy or herbal remedies is another form of modern-day “witchcraft”.  Putting a drop of lavender oil on your pillow may help you sleep better at night, just as grapefruit or orange essence will energize you if you’re feeling lethargic.  Passing the root of ginger over your skin will help to heal a scar by innovating the surrounding skin cells with “magical” healing properties. 

When we recognize the science behind it, it’s not so “magical”.  We are able to take out the “mystical” and replace it with “practical”.  It makes sense instead of mystifying us.  Finding common ground between spell casting and modern-day intention is revolutionary because it shows that we are all more alike than we are different- the witches of the past who were casting spells and using magic were really no different than the modern-day person focusing their intent on a goal.  In fact, they may have been wiser in that they knew the timing of when such spells to be cast and how to make them most effective. 

The Full Moon, for example, was the most powerful time to perform a spell.  We now know that the Moon controls the movement of the ocean tides, as well as the opening and closing of oysters.  The Human body is made up of 70% water, and during the time of a Full Moon, our bodily fluids are the highest, which is the most inopportune time to have a surgery, given the chances of swelling  and other complications due to our bodies’ heightened sensitivity from the Full Moon.  The monthly menstrual cycle of women is also governed by the Moon; each having a cycle of 28 days (the Moon takes approximately 28 days to orbit the Earth, which is no coincidence.)The Moon not only controls our bodies, but our emotions, as well.  Statistics show that hospitals and police officers are the busiest during a Full Moon.  Having knowledge of the Moon’s placement and the effect it has on our bodies can enhance our well being by planning our events and activities around the Moon; something witches of the past were clearly aware of.

Many of today’s New Age practices are anything but new.  Acupuncture, tai chi, yoga, meditation, and other holistic healing methods have been around for centuries.  Astrology and numerology have once been dismissed as “hocus pocus”, however, many of our great leaders of the past knew the wisdom in these sciences.  Albert Einstein, Ben Franklin, William Shakespeare, Mark Twain, Galileo and even Jesus Christ (referenced in the Bible: “..And there shall be signs in the sun, moon, and stars.”) have all documented their belief in this wisdom.  Learning about witchcraft, we can begin to see the “method behind the madness” and realize that there may have been a wisdom that, at first glance, we may not have been able to see.  However, by exposing their secrets and digging deeper, we can begin to bring some of that ancient magic and wisdom into the New Age.