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Will all the Soap Operas be Cancelled in a few Years – Yes

Soap operas will be a thing of the past in a few short years.  Already, All of My Children  made a unceremonious departure. How could the network dismiss and bury such a landmark soap opera after three or more decades on TV? I guess all of those children have grown into middle aged adults, with grandchildren of their own. Everyone knows middle aged adults don’t have hot steamy sex and body parts are no longer where they once were.  The story lines and the plots are boring and mundane. How many times can Erica Cane Chandler XX marry without suffering  total emotional and financial bankruptcy?  The networks may have been on the verge of bankruptcy airing these out dated programming.

The baby boomers are retired now and  spend their free time on the pages of Face book. The younger adults are working very hard  and making reality TV of their own. Let’s face it. The sizzle is gone from soap operas. The suds have dissipated and all that is left is a bath tub ring. The soaps advertisers have even jumped ship. They don’t want to sponsor this dying breed of TV any longer.  Consider this, silent film once had its glorious reign.

The talk shows that instruct us on how to live and eat healthy are served on each channel mid afternoon, daily. The Doctors and that handsome Dr. Oz  are  the latest heart throbs on daytime TV. Housewives don’t feel the least bit guilty indulging in watching these modern day, informational shows.It stands to reason, if we are wasting time watching the boob tube, don’t we want it to be educational?  Most will say “yes”.

All good things must come to an end. Soap operas were never the reality of the house wife any way. It was a mid day escape from the laundry and chores. What will happen to our beloved daytime soap opera stars? Hopefully, they will transition to “Dancing with the Stars” or those clever mini series airing at night. Susan Lucci is still a vixen, even though it took two decades to win that coveted Emmy.

Were we entertained by these long lasting soap operas. Viewers, everywhere will concur,”yes we were”. The drama was over top. How many times can you be presumed dead or in prison and return to  Land view as your own long lost twin sister. Once you examine these far fetched episodes. It is easy to see why we have out grown this television genre.