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Wiccan Diety Structures

Wicca is a nature-based religion, so its deity is also associated with nature. The concept of a Great Mother Goddess and her consort (those she associates with) is a main cornerstone of the Wiccan belief. This religion goes back to beyond Christian paganism deep into prehistoric times. The Goddesses’ consorts or Pantheons (group of gods and goddesses) found in Celtic, Egyptian, Faery, Greek, Hindu, Norse, Welsh, and Roman Cultures.

Deities are the creative forces of the universe, not just symbols, according to the Wiccan belief. The Goddess and God of Wiccan belief are equal forces that flow in opposite directions but are not opposed directions. This brings balance needed in nature; the goddess is linked to the moon, while the god is equally linked to the sun. The goddess is divided into three aspects, maiden, mother, and crone. The god figure originates from the Lord of the Animals and has evolved from the Stag-Horned God into the Goat-Horned God (Pan). He too is divided up into three aspects, the hooded one, the horned one, and the old one.

In Wicca, the Goddess is worshiped in her ancient names including Aradia, Isis, Diane, Dana, Arianrhod, and Aphrodite. The Goddess is worshipped in three ways, as a virgin, as the mother, and as the wise woman. The Deity here is mostly nature based. It is associated with different phases of the moon, along with elements and seasons. In the Goddess phase of the maiden, the moon is new and her name is Persephone, her element is air and the season is Imbolc (Feb 2). Here she enjoys creation, the song and the head, her magical command is to know (to expand her knowledge) and her magical weapon is the knife. As you can tell each phase has a name, a moon phase, an element,season, quality a command and weapon. the other Goddess phases are:

* Lover-waxing moon, Aphrodite,Fire, Spring Equinox (mar. 21), Passion, To will (express and assert), Wand.

*Mother- Full Moon, Hera, Water, Midsummer (June 21), Love, To dare (overcoming ones fears), Cup.

*Grandmother- Waning Moon, Demeter, Earth, Autumn Equinox (sept. 21), Sorrow, To keep silent (absorb knowledge), Shield.

*Wise one or Great Grandmother- Dark Moon, Hecate, Ether/Spirit, Samhain (oct. 31), Death, rest or transformation, to teach, cauldronand crystal ball.

When we say mother nature is responsible for changes in our lives (mostly in women), the Wiccans believe this is their Mother Goddess. Even at the change of a woman’s life, menopause, the goddess is known as Crone. The Crone ceremony is an acknowledgement of a woman and is honored for her knowledge, wisdom, and experience. At this ceremony, the woman reflects upon her life as a maiden, mother and older.

As with the goddess, the god deity in wiccan belief has many names around the world. The main belief is that he is the God of the Hunt or Horned God. In different culture,s he’s known by many names, Parvati, Pan, Cernunnos and Herne. As with the Goddess, the God also has five phases or seasons:

*Child- Yule (Dec.21), New, Air, Joy,the head, To know, Sword of Nuada.

*Lover- Spring Equinox, Waxing, Fire, Passion, To will, Spear of Lugh, staff or rod.

*Husband/King- Midsummer, Full, Water, Love, To dare, cup.

*Old God/sacrifice- Lammas(Aug.1) Waning, Earth, Separation, To keep silent, shield.

*Dark Lord/Lord of Death- Samhain, Dark, Spirit, death or rebirth, To reveal, crystal ball, cauldron.

As you can see, the Wiccan religion and belief structure is in tune with the natural world, or it could be called the earth religion. Our medicine today can be traced back to the Wiccan belief or any of its off shoot belief structures, Druids are a good example.