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Wicca v Satanism

Lets see where to start?
First off, since the earth based religion Wicca has nothing whatsoever to do with Satanism I highly find the name of this article offensive. There are no roots of Satanism in Wicca and I strongly believe this. As most are aware, Wicca being one of the oldest religions in existence predates Christianity. Satanism is a form of Christianity as much as many would like to disagree this is the plain truth. All Satanism really is, is the opposite or anti form of Christianity. Satanism is the opposite extreme of Christianity therefore it is Satanism that has roots in Christianity.

Lets take a look at this evil Christian demi-god known as Satan. Hmmm horns? Hooves? Half-goat? sounds like a distortion of the nature god known as Pan. Hmm the evil Trident that Satan bears? Sounds to me like the trident of the old Roman god Neptune. All Satan is is a distortion of many ancient gods. Christians back then used this to scare pagans against their gods and convert them to the Christian religion.

Satanism is clearly a highly distorted and in my opinion raped view of of Wicca. Wiccans are very good people we honor the earth, moon and other celestial planets. We honor nature, and animals and do not see ourselves as being superior to them. Wicca is a delicate religion that does its best to add balance by celebrating the changes of seasons, solstices, and equinoxes. Instead of going against or ignoring seasonal changes, Wiccans celebrate and welcome these changes with open arms and an open mind.

I ask that people research the Wiccan religion and see for yourself that we do not believe in Satan nor do we copy Satanism in any way. Our rule ” And harm it none, do what though wilt” is a rule that covers many other rules. Deception is harming a person mentally and emotionally therefore it is against Wiccan religion to lie and trick others. Wiccans also do not cause physical harm to plants or animals. If we need a part of a plant we do not uproot it we take as little as we need. We do not sacrifice animals, it is true that in the old days pagans did. But in defense to that, Christians did animal sacrifices as well in older times.

Wiccans also do not believe there is an evil god consistently going after them trying to undo them. If bad things occur to us we do not jump to think it was an evil god’s deed. We believe in Karma. So we assume that we did something wrong in the past to lead to misfortune. In general Wiccans try to do their best to get through life just as any from any other religion.