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Wicca on a Budget Altar

Wicca is a nature based religion so practicing on a budget is easy! As long as you steer clear of the gimmicks and the fancy products then Wicca shouldn’t be more expensive than any other religion. In truth the only materials you really need you can get for free, or a very low price.

There are many stores that specialize in selling Wiccan items but for most items there is a natural alternative. Internet “seminars” and “classes” are mostly false and designed to steal your money and while there are some great books on the market, you can get them from your local library for free.

For most Wiccans one of the most expensive things to set up is their Altar. Mostly it’s because people think that an Altar should be flashy but it is possible to set one up for next to nothing.

Firstly you need a space, like a small table in the corner of a room. If you haven’t got a lot of space you can get a square plank of wood or even draw a circle on the ground with white chalk and keep rest of your items in a box or shelf to be set up every time you need it.  

For earth all you need is to go outside, maybe to a park or nature reserve, and look for a rock, many areas are rich in natural quarts or other types of crystals so find out if you live near such areas and go looking there.

Also buy some green chalk or paint depending on what type of Altar you have, and draw the symbol of earth (an upside down triangle with a line in the middle) in the north corner. Another symbol of earth is the pentagram, so if you can find some other natural materials and make on for your altar that would be a powerful addition.

For Air again head out side, this time looking for a feather. It is amazing the different types of feathers you will find in nature if you take the time to look. If you’re after a special type of feather (if you feel drawn to one) then research where that bird lives and head out to find a feather from its natural habitat.

This time use yellow chalk or paint and draw the air symbol (a right side up triangle with a line in the middle) in the east corner. The ritual wand is associated with air, but as those can be VERY pricey, all you need is a twig or stick from outside to act as one. This can be rested in the east corner with your feather(s) and a bell, which is also a form of air.

For water the ritual chalice is the symbol but buying one can set you back a lot more than it should, especially when they are so easy to make! Go to any thrift store and have a look at the old wine glasses, or brandy glasses (the small ones that kinda look like a mix between a wine glass and a shot glass). You can decorate it with a pentacle or leave it blank and then fill it with tap water to sit on your Alter. Thought sea water would work best as it is natural. This time with a blue chalk or paint draw the water symbol (an upside down triangle).

For fire all you need is a candle, easily bought at the supermarket . A white candle works best as it represents purity. This time with red chalk or paint draw the fire symbol (a right side up triangle). The ritual blade is associated with fire, as they are forged in fire, but again the price of one from a store is ridiculous so again hit the thrift shop and see if they have any knives (it doesn’t have to be sharp) and you can decorate the handle as you please.

Remember a Wiccans power comes from her/himself and not from their tools, in fact the tools are only what you make of them and some Wiccans actually prefer to work only with material found by them in nature.  If an item is found by you or made by you is meant to be more powerful to you.