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Why we Love Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is the first to point out when compared with her contemporaries that she made it into the “in crowd” by actually doing something. A fashion forward, sensitive vixen Kim brought her quirky sass to Hollywood’s brain dead circuit and they’ve been more fierce ever since.
Kim’s role in the media has shifted lately with the her reality show, “Keeping up with the Kardashians” becoming such a hit. Whereas Paris and Nicole needed activities to make their obnoxiously bored attitude about everything seem cute, Kim is a go getter. She works, has a beautiful boyfriend, a loving family (that is naturally, like all families, a bit crazy) and still manages to get out and be seen. The reason Kim Kardashian is a name we still know has everything to do with her being a person of actual substance instead of just one more in the era of big behinds.

As you watch her relate to her mother, step father and especially her two sisters, it slowly becomes clear that the thing you like best about Kim is that you could be Kim. Her sisters annoy her and are sometimes jealous of her, her boyfriend gets mad at her sometimes, her brother looks out for her and wants her to be safe, and her mom does sometimes pick the wrong side. When you see her in these situations, although you may notice how fabulous her heels are, you still are able to connect with a real person. Not a semi-prosthetic, baby-talking nightmare.

She’s a real girl, with a real life, that just happens to include ball player boyfriends and up to the minute fashion. What’s great is that despite that, she’s down to Earth and reacts to things the same way you and I do. Not with belittling snickering and haughty cackles. You won’t find her chasing assistants or sitting in jail, but she might go visit her more famous friends wearing the newest Mark Jacobs shoe. In this past season we got to see the most vulnerable Kim yet. With her sex tape scandal finally dying down, she’s hit with news of more mistakes coming back to haunt her. It’s not that Kim Kardashian is in this situation that matters, who isn’t these days? It’s her reaction to them. She runs, she cries, she hides, she’s wiped out. She’s ashamed, embarrassed, scared. Not a star, not a diva – a beautiful girl with real feelings. How unconventional.

These elements of grounding and beauty make Kim Kardashian quite a style star. When loving your curves and your shape mixes with high fashion, obviously beautiful things are the result. As someone who was called Pudge as a child, Kim displays mountains of courage by not losing tons of weight. Not bowing to public pressure and agent’s demands for a more marketable body do not sway Kim. She is eager to keep her shape and works out to maintain her curves. Maintenance of curves? Not since Tyra’s too-public declaration have I heard such a positive message about the way we perceive our bodies.