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Why we are Completely Sick of Celebrity News

Celebrity news, admittedly, isn’t a usual selection on this home’s televisions. But with my new interest in a screenwriting career, the many different categories of celebrity news have purposely pixilated here for my self-education. And two years into my studies, I’d like to comment personally on the gossip-laden celebrity news in a one word tagline: ‘Egad!’

Holy Hitchcock, you’d get more out of it if you picked your nose. At least that you’ll wipe somewhere unseen so it can dry up and crust away. We can only hope the same for the trashy portion of what is called celebrity news.

Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett passing on the same day was, in my opinion, news worthy celebrity news, but much celebrity news seems to be what this starlet spent at said hip clothing boutique, such-and-such was seen with so-and-so at the yada-yada caf and what is this starlets’ spray tanning regiment? Great Garbo, is this what merits social interest?

I suppose people could say it’s just another form of entertainment. I’ll let them have that. I’m not one to judge or discourage any day-dream. If a person day-dreams of flying like a bird, they might live a bit of that fantasy by watching anything from Superman re-runs to hang-gliding videos on Youtube. But considering the amount of celebrity news that is merely idle idol gossip and he-said-she-said rumors that are continually proved to be as contrived as televised wrestling, what fantasy are people living through the celebrity news?

I suppose we all dream of being rich, popular, talented and successful. I’ll wager some people think such a lifestyle is an unattainable fantasy, so they live the dream, at least visually, for an hour, minus thirteen minutes for a word from a sponsor.

Wealth: Who doesn’t want a celebrity’s money? It’s nice to believe it’s humanly possible to afford an island in the Bahamas and the idea of people throwing scads of money at us for what this type of media eludes as for nothing at all. And people wonder what happened to the quality of the service industry.

Popularity: What an intoxicating detour from our own lonely lives. What is fame but extreme popularity, adoration and acceptance by millions? What the celebrity news seems to irresponsibly omit is the celebrity’s long term efforts, focus and personal:

Talent: The celebrity news I speak of seems to attract viewers that spend the time they should be using to find their own talent to envy another’s material items and social rewards earned from determination and proper application of talent.

Success: I doubt any celebrity achieved the success of stardom by obsessively watching and discussing the diamond-studded details of someone else’s shopping spree in Milan. We can be motivated to success by the opportunity of a material reward. But we can also be motivated when a celebrity abuses their success and blatantly dismisses it.

I imagine people will soon tire of the gossip referred to as celebrity news now that the actual spinning of the Earth is in the public eye. We are realizing that Miss Lohan’s sex life and other such trivial facts have nothing to do with the fore-mentioned spinning, nor will it help achieve our day to day success. Present article excluded, of course.

And as a hopeful screenwriter I’d like to ask you to have respect for the personal life of the celebrities you may appreciate. Keep your choice of entertainment where the celebrities actually offered to entertain you and cease stalking them from the comfort of your home. Let the actors act. Let the singers sing. Let the musicians play. Then let them alone.

Any celebrity worth their salt is a celebrity because of talent, skill, determination and ability, not because of their last vacation spot. If the celebrity’s popularity depends on their personal drama, for Bogart’s sake, go watch a movie and discover some real entertainment.