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Why Reality TV is Bad – Ashamed

There are few TV shows today that do not fall under the category of reality. Since the debut of Survivor in the spring of 2000, reality shows have become a TV phenomenon. You can choose to watch anything from shows to find true love, games and challenges to win money, weight loss, singing, dancing, and modeling competitions, and much more.

I personally made a big effort to steer clear of these reality shows, because I felt they were a waste of time and intelligence. Sometimes I would have an episode of American Idol playing in the background while I did something else. However, my efforts proved to be futile when I got hooked on a dirty love show and just could not for the life of me quit!

The problem with reality TV is that once you really start to watch an episode of a certain show, you are lured into wanting to know how the rest of the story plays out. It’s not like CSI, for example, where there is a new story each week. Reality television shows give you bits of a story each week and you can’t help but want to know how it ends. In most cases, you miss out on a lot of the story if you miss an episode; hence, you end up watching every single one of them of an entire season.

The only thing that I am proud of is the fact that I only watch a couple of shows on a regular basis each year. Am I necessarily proud to watch just those couple? Absolutely not! Some reality TV watchers are proud fans, who talk about various shows with other fans. I on the other hand do not like to admit I watch any reality TV; heck, it took a lot to admit it in writing here let alone to announce it in person!

TV itself is harmless when used in small doses. The problem with reality TV is that it is so addictive, that viewers can easily let it consume their lives. When people start putting reality TV shows above their families and doing other more useful activities, then it becomes a problem.

The fact of the matter is that broadcast news is really the only useful form of reality TV. It is sad that the most prefer other types of reality television that are not really relevant to the human existence. I have had the fortune to become educated and live a life that may seem privileged to others who may be in desolate areas of the world. There are so many ways we can help each other and make this world a better place with our free-time, instead of watching reality shows. Hence, this is why I am not a proud fan of reality TV!