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Why Paris Hilton got Special Treatment when she was Arrested in Las Vegas

It is not just gossip amongst the tabloids and on the internet that Paris Hilton received special treatment during her recent arrest in Las Vegas. Even the police are admitting it! Celebrity Hilton, 29 was arrested after she opened her purse and a small baggie of cocaine fell out in front of a lieutenant. But what was her treatment at the jail like, compared to other inmates?

Paris in Jail

When Paris Hilton was taken to the county jail, she was processed and released in half the time that it takes other inmates to go through the booking process, reports perezhilton.com. Deputy Chief Jim Dixon, who runs the jail, said that she went through the booking process more quickly to prevent “a disruption” at the jail. It has been reported that she even received a separate room, so she did not have to mix with the general population at the jail! Celibrifi reports that the jailer processed her in three hours, half the normal time it would take to process any other inmate because of potential disruption and that he would have officers trying to keep inmates away from her. There were no reports as to whether officers are needed to keep any other inmate away from other inmates. Newser reported that the jailer reportedly stated that if Paris Hilton were placed in the open dorm area, it would “shut down my process.” Although charged with cocaine possession, Paris Hilton was released on her own recognizance (OR), with an October court date. Is this the first time Paris was treated differently during the arrest and booking process? Perhaps there is a reason she is smiling in her mug shot photo, as revealed on Newser.

Previous Arrests

KTLA in Los Angeles reported on an incident where Paris was arrested in South Africa, while attending the FIFA World Cup with her friend and ex-playmate, Jennifer Rovero. Charges against Paris Hilton were dropped after her friend pled guilty and paid the fine, which was equivalent to $130 U.S. dollars. In Los Angeles, while Paris was incarcerated, deputies began complaining of the special treatment that Paris was receiving, compared to treatment received by other inmates. Charges included that she was given access to a free cell phone for her personal use, while all other inmates are permitted only to use pay phones at certain hours. Paris also allegedly had her mail hand-delivered daily, and received a new jail uniform, rather than the recycled uniforms other inmates are given. Sheriff Lee Baca had earlier told The LA Times that as an inmate Paris would not receive preferential treatment, that she would not receive better food or environment than other inmates. The LA Sheriff’s Office announced its internal affairs division was conducting an investigation into allegations made by sheriff’s deputies.

Future for Paris

What the future holds for Paris and her legal troubles remains to be seen. As a former substance abuse treatment center employee and several years experience in the criminal justice system, her claims that the cocaine nor the purse that it fell out of are hers at the time of her Las Vegas arrest are common statements made by offenders with substance abuse issues. Can someone with multiple drug arrests who is allegedly treated differently than other inmates, by isolation away from others so she does not have to be in general population, receiving access to free cell phone use while other inmates must wait in line and at certain times of the day to place collect calls to their families, and one who has charges dropped while co-defendants are charged, convicted and fined, and who is released on OR, while others await their day in court in lock-up ever feel that there is a problem or that that person is the same as everyone else and therefore deserves to be treated exactly the same as any and every other inmate charged with same or similar offenses? That will remain to be seen. Perhaps we will learn more the next time she is arrested on drug charges.