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Why Muslims Participate in Hajj

Every society has a center of unity where they join to worship God. Hajj is the pilgrimage to Mecca which is known as one of the five pillars of Islam. Hajj was made as a pinnacle of worship for Muslims to gather and praise their Lord and Master. There are certain months of performing Hajj, these are referred to as the “months of pilgrimage.” So why do those of the Muslim faith take part in Hajj?

The main reason in participating in Hajj is to show a Muslim’s respondence in obedience to Allah’s commands. The obedience to Allah is absolute, with no limitations. This movement is defiant in obtaining beauty, power, knowledge, and pure perfection as to the Muslim faith.

Another, reason for participating in Hajj is to glorify Allah by going around his sacred house known as Al-ka-bah and to show your gratitude for your health, wealth and children.

Muslims also participate in Hajj to meet brethren that come from all countries. This is where they show equality and love for all of the Muslim faith regardless of color, nationality, or worldly possessions.

During Hajj Muslims learn to practice patience, sacrifice, and the simplicity of spiritual capabilities they are in need of.

The Muslims also visit and stand in devotion at the Sacred Mountain. At the Sacred Mountain they praise Allah to purify their souls and repent their sins.

The journey of Hajj is for Muslims to return to their daily lives cleaned of their sins, and hoping to keep it clean until life’s end so that they may be accepted and rewarded by Allah in the after world.

Muslims participate in a spiritual and physical endeavors as they make this amazing journey known as Hajj. This is a commemorative occasion so that they may be bound to their brothers of the Muslim faith for life. Allah is their Lord and commander he proclaims that in undying devotion and worship to him you should have great power and beauty. But, only you can have the faith in him. People of the Muslim faith who are financially and physically able to make the journey of Hajj are to do so as proclaimed in the faith.

Everyone has a place of worship. As does everyone has a God that they worship, Muslims worship Allah as he is their Lord and Master to which offers cleansing of their sins, and a place in his palace in the afterlife.