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Why Movies like Passion and Da Vinci Code get People Riled up

Any time that someone brings to the forefront an idea that is not widely accepted, any time that someone questions doctrines that have been in place for centuries, there is bound to be some backlash. “Passion” and the “Da Vinci Code” are perfect examples of this backlash.

Sadly, what people fail to understand is that if one has faith in their own morality and their own religion, the airing of a movie should have no real effect on that. These movies were both “fiction” that was loosely based upon one persons interpretation of reality. At not time were these movies touted as the “new order” or the “new religion”, rather they were meant to give a perspective on history.

Like it or not, religion is a part of history, just as is war, genocide, etc., and there have been plenty of books written and movies made about these things. “Passion” was one mans take on the things that led up to one of the most horrific and meaningful events in religious history (and history in general), and what people choose to take out of that film is simply up to them. It was entertainment with a message…a message that one has the right to either ignore or research further.

When it comes to the “Da Vinci Code”, this movie dealt a little more in conspiracy and brought into the realm of possibility the fact that all things as we know them now are not what they seem. So…people are obviously up in arms.

It all boils down to the fact that people (especially those who are in power) do not like change…they do not like the idea that people might get something in their heads that will cause an enlightenment of sorts and force them to move away from the strict regime that they have been following. I say, keep an open mind about EVERYTHING…wake up each morning with a question and with the faith that you will be able to find out the answer.