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Why Forgiveness is necessary

How many times has someone hurt us to the point where we choose not to forgive them, ever. When we are hurt or severely mistreated by people, especially those closest to us, it opens up a wound within our soul  that we can’t physically reach inside ourselves to nurse or bandage. Therefore, our hurt is unattended and left to fester, turning into a gaping infected sore that takes the salve of the Holy Spirit to cleanse and heal.

Forgiveness is the spiritual prescription needed to treat and cure the forgiver, as well as helping the forgiver to release their selfish grip on the person needing to be forgiven so that they can obtain healing, along with help also. Holding grudges and past hurts inside affects us mentally, even physically in the most unhealthiest ways.

Studies show that if a person continues for just six months or more with the same negative traits such as unforgiveness, anger, rudeness, hostility, hatred and being mean, that mental issues, coupled with physical ailments and conditions would be the end result. The act of submitting the body to such rigorous, negative training for so long will bring about increased anger related responses to everything and everyone arousing  the sympathetic nervous system, bringing forward an increase in negative emotions, lowering your perceived control. Also chemical imbalances will occur because it releases negative enzymes into the body that can change how you work inside, causing depression, coronary heart disease, high blood pressure and behavior issues such as victimization.  Usually mental ailments arise first, ushering in the onslaught of physical conditions related to these ailments. When you are calm and happy the brain will loose endorphins, the body’s own stress fighter, natural morphine and pain killer! The act of fogiving helps to release this built in medicinal mechanism.

The Bible says that we should forgive as we are forgiven by our heavenly father. In the Lord’s Prayer, the model and outline for prayer, found in Matthew 6:9-12, we see where we ask God to, “forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors.”  If we do not forgive those that trespass against us then Christ will not forgive us our trespasses, Matthew 6:14,15.

Demanding that we forgive is a stress, soul release ordained by God himself for our good. To forgive does not mean setting yourself up for the same circumstances in which the offense occurred or began. What it does mean is that you give it to God so that he can heal, teach and mature you.  It means you accept the person’s acknowledgement and apology treating them kindly and fair even if they don’t offer it. This pulls the calamity out of situations allowing you to keep your sanity which is your sound, safe mind!

In 1 Peter of the Holy Bible, vs 5:7, God’s word instructs us to, “cast(hurl, throw forcefully) all our cares upon him because he cares for us.” He is the only one big and strong enough to catch all of our worries, fears, dilemmas, sickness, even circumstances, not bending or falling over with the weight of life. He can mold it into his peace that surpasses all understanding, giving us refreshing along with joy right in the midst of our problems.

Finally, unforgiveness is the tie that binds our praise and worship. It straps our hands down to our sides so that we can’t reach out to others or up to heaven asking God to help us. Don’t be encaged by Unforgiveness and his henchman named Bondage for there is freedom in Forgiveness. I encourage you to be free!

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