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Why do we Doubt the Promises Made by God

I have found Him to be true. God is not a liar. His promises can be trusted. You can literally follow His teachings without fear. He is trustworthy to uphold you all the days of your life. You can turn the other cheek, give without hesitation, love your enemy, and walk in blind faith without worrying. I have come to the knowledge after many trials and tribulations that when you do things God’s way it not only turns out for your good; it utterly overcomes all things and rewards you to the fullest extent. You need not second guess God. You do not have to worry if He will keep His promises to you. There is no fear in trusting Him. He not only is meticulous in fulfilling His promises but delights in doing so. No one can strong arm God into keeping His word. He does so out of His own sheer joy and will.
Why is it then that so many times we want to doubt Him? Why do we find it so hard to believe that God will do what He says? Why do we believe that He won’t hold up His end of the bargain? Maybe it lies in the deep recesses of our heart where past experiences with man have taught us to be weary of such hope and promises. Somewhere in our lives someone let us down, someone promised to love us and didn’t, someone tricked us into believing we would get a reward but instead were robbed. Because we can’t trust man, we have been conditioned to doubt God. But, God is not like man that He should promise us something and then not fulfill it. He is not like man that He should tell us a lie. He is completely different than anyone we have ever encountered. His ways are far above our ways. His thoughts are far above our thoughts. We cannot compare God to our past experiences, although subconsiosly we do. No one can make you believe this about Him. You can only come to believe this of God when you have tried following His teachings and waited for the outcome. God will prove Himself. His word will be proven true. It’s a hands on lesson. It is a one on one lesson with God, Himself. We say we believe it when we hear others speak about it. Yet, it is not until we ourselves experience it on our own that our hearts can truly believe. All I can say is that I have found Him to be true.