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Why do People have Problems in Life

It is no secret that with being human, we are going to encounter problems. There are a myriad of problems that we are faced with on a daily basis. Some problems we bring on ourselves. Other problems like natural disasters, death, etc can’t be foreseen or controlled and yet we must still deal with them.

Regardless of a problem’s origin, we must accept problems are a part of life. Because we are not perfect beings, we are going to make mistakes that will warrant problems as a result. We make poor choices, take shortcuts to problem solving and end up with a bigger problem to deal with. The vast majority of personal problems we experience are the direct result of bringing them upon ourselves.

Problems that come at us out of nowhere and blind sight us are sent our way to teach us and to have us take something away from. Every time a natural disaster occurs it can be noted that people from everywhere will come together to aid those in their time of tragedy and loss. We grieve right along with those who are hurting in these times. It is our nature to want to do something to make a difference. Without these type problems, we can become indifferent to the needs of others. These problems serve as a reminder to us of how fortunate we are, wherever we are, and that we are not exempt from encountering the same.

There would be a far less greater occurrence of problems in our lives if we would rely solely on God for direction in every decision and choice we make. Instead we become hasty and make hurried decisions and choices that ultimately hinder us rather than help us more times that not. Some of our choices are of our own accord without any regard to what God would intend for us to do or are displeasing to God. We tend to have our own agenda and our personal interests at heart. When we put ourselves and our needs first, we usually encounter problems that could have otherwise been avoided. We do ourselves in so to speak. No matter what our actions are in solving problems, if the wrong choices and decisions are made there will be consequences that we will have to deal with on top of the problem itself.

Until the day comes when we can finally meet God face to face, we are going to be faced with problems. We do not live in a perfect world, therefore problems will always exist. How we deal with problems determines the outcome. It is up to us to make good choices and seek God’s wisdom and advice to every problem we face. God is the only one who can provide a sound solution to our problems and provide comfort in times of trial. Choosing God is the best, sound decision we can make for ourselves above all other decisions. By doing so doesn’t guarantee us that we will become problem free, but it will better equip us on how to handle life’s curves that ultimately lead us in the direction of straight pathways to resolve and freedom.