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Why did Fantasia Barrino try to Kill herself

With stardom comes many changes in life.  The attention, the financial gain and the responsibility.  Fantasia was only 20 years old when her life changed drastically.  Everyone is wondering why American idol Fantasia Barrino tried to kill herself.

On August 9th 20010 Fantasia was rushed to the hospital after taking a bottle of aspirins and some unknown form of sleeping medication, the damage was not life threatening and she is doing fine now.  However, the questions about what could drive a young star and mother to take such drastic measures, to try to end her life are endless.  Was it a publicity stunt?  Did Fantasia try to kill herself because of the negative stories about her relationship with a married man, which included talks of a sex tape, had spread?  What about her daughter?

Well, Fantasia has appeared on the Gayle King radio talk show, GMA (Good Morning America) and VH1s Behind The Music to talk about her life and what led to that moment of desperation and despair.  In each interview, the question was asked about her suicide attempt being a publicity stunt, because her new album was going to be released and her reality show.  Interestingly, the interviews all took place on August 24th 2010 the same day her latest album was released.

Fantasia told Gayle King it was not for publicity, she said that she knew what she was doing the day she sat on the floor in her room and took the pills.  When asked about her 9-year-old daughter, Fantasia simply said she was so over-whelmed with everything in her life, her head hurt, she wanted to sleep.  She didn’t go into detail, or express any guilt and regret about her actions possibly leaving her child motherless.

In all the interviews, Fantasia talked about her life, her struggles, the bad relationships she had been in and the pressures associated with becoming successful.  When the news about her relationship with a married man, who’s wife was considering suing Fantasia for breaking up their marriage, hit the headlines it hit hard and that apparently pushed her over the edge.  Listen to the interview, Fantasia on the Gayle King radio show.

Interestingly, on the VH1 show Behind the Music-Fantasia her family members appeared, her brothers, mother and father.  The father of her 9-year-old daughter spoke about hitting Fantasia during a heated argument and how he initially denied being the father of the then 17-year-old’s baby. 

The drama in Fantasia’s life seemed comparable with many American teens, she was taunted in school, raped by a boy in school, was hit by a boy she was dating, dressed for attention, dropped out of high school and become a teenage mother.  However, she grew up in a two parent house, there was no mention of drug use and her family appeared to be close-knit church goers who spent quality time together singing.  At an early age she auditioned for American Idol and won, after which her career soared.  Like most in the industry she faced financial woes, a libel lawsuit was filed by her father based on content in her book, which became a New York time best seller, which he later dropped, she faced foreclosure and things of that nature.  What made her story less dramatic is the fact that she reached stardom at a very early age, she was no longer a single mother struggling to support her child like many other teen moms.

Perhaps the mental and emotional pressure was too much and she snapped, or it was all a publicity stunt, which is a common tactic in the businees to steer attention away from negative publicity, but only Fantasia knows why she tried to kill herself.  Hopefully, she is getting professional help to cope with the stress of life for the sake of the daughter she could have left motherless.