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Why Christians should never be Offended

There are many reasons stated in the scriptures why Christians should not be offended. Offense has a way of affecting the orientation and sense of judgement of people. It takes the worthwhile time that should have been spent to accomplish important things. Offence brings about a lot of struggle in an attempt to justify yourself.

David got to that point in Psalm 37 when he looked at the prosperity of the wicked. He was offended with God’s approach, wondering why the wicked should be flourishing even in their evil. He could not comprehend why bad people will continue in their evil ways and still succeed. Along the line he got inspired and encouraged and stated that the prosperity of the wicked is just for a moment. That is why Christians are not expected to spend their time ruminating over how evil people prosper. The Message Bible puts it beautifully in Psa 37:8-11 “Bridle your anger, trash your wrath, cool your pipes-it only makes things worse. Before long the crooks will be bankrupt; GOD-investors will soon own the store. Before you know it, the wicked will have had it; you’ll stare at his once famous place and-nothing! Down-to-earth people will move in and take over, relishing a huge bonanza.”

Christians should also not get offended when sinners get away with their sin and they are not punished by God. God withholds His anger so that men may have time to repent. It is because of His mercy that he does not come down on evil people immediately. Christians should always consider the account in Mal 3:13-18. God will always honour those that obey His word and abide in Him. Verse 17 of that passage captures it well: “They’re mine, all mine. They’ll get special treatment when I go into action. I treat them with the same consideration and kindness that parents give the child who honors them.”

Another important reason why believers in Christ should not be offended is because they have Jesus as their perfect example. When Jesus was being led to the cross, He was treated in a very shameful and cruel way. At no point during that gruesome time did he give in to the temptation to be offended. Peter stated it properly in 1Pe 2:23 “They called him every name in the book and he said nothing back. He suffered in silence, content to let God set things right.” (The Message Bible)

Lastly, Christians should not be offended by any comment or judgement made by the unbelieving world because, if they subject themselves to the scrutiny of God, the verdict of the world is meaningless. Paul put it aptly in 1Co 2:15 “Spiritually alive, we have access to everything God’s Spirit is doing, and can’t be judged by unspiritual critics.” (The Message Bible)