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Why Christ Died for us

How many of you realize that if it had not been for Jesus being nailed to the cross, the mercy of the Lord would not be shown to us? The mercy of God is something that all of us, past, present and future, are completely unworthy of, except for the fact that Jesus has intervened on our part through His death and ressurection. If it were not for His death, and the mercy and forgiveness of God that has followed, all hope would be lost for us.

More than once in my life, I have uttered the words, “I feel like I have the weight of the world on my shoulders.” Jesus did have the weight of the world on His the day He was crucified. He was bearing the sin of all the people who existed then, and of all those whow were yet to come. How heavy must His shoulders have been? There was, and continues to be, more sin in this world then there should be. His death was intended as an outlet of forgiveness for those of us who sin. The sacrafice He made that day was for us. He already had a guaranteed seat on the right hand of His father. We did not. The shedding of His blood is what gave us the opportunity to sit with them both one day.

You see, until we appreciate and fully comprehend what Jesus did for us that day, until we accept Him as our Lord and Savior, our spirits and our flesh are both dead in sin. His death allows our spirits to be made alive again with a clean slate in the eyes of God. God will not only look down upon us and say, ” I see what you have done, and you are forgiven,” but He will instead say to us, “I no longer see any of your wrong doings. You are forgiven.” It’s as if they never happened.

As for our flesh, which represents our time still spent here on earth, the death of Jesus allows God the Father to revive it as well. He makes our bodies new again so that we may have an abundant life while we still walk the earth. Yet none of these great things can take place until we recognize, appreciate and accept what Jesus actually did for us that day he hung on the cross. We must accept Him as our Lord and Savior. We can’t say, “Oh, you died for us and this is what we get? Hey, that’s great! Thanks.” We must do our part as well. But it’s not work, it’s not hard to do. The love from Jesus and from God is so wonderful, you will want to receive it into your life. You will want to bask in it and you will yearn to grow as close to them as you can possibly grow.

Right before He died and His head fell forward, Jesus spoke the words, “It is accomplished.” By this he meant that not only had He accomplished the will of His Father, but He had also accomplished wiping out sin. And the most awe inspiring aspect of it all? He did this while we were all still sinners. He didn’t say, “Okay guys, you ask for forgiveness first, start living your lives the right way and then I’ll die for you.” He sacraficed Himself for us without any requirements. How many people do you know who will do anything for you anymore without requiring something first? Not many.

As if all this is not enough to prove why Jesus died that day, then there is one more reason, perhaps the most important of all. He loves us. Maybe I should repeat that. He loves us. There is no one, I do not care how much they say they love you, who would be willing to die for you just so you could live. And why? Because of ego. But Jesus cared more about us than He did Himself. Pretty amazing, isn’t it?

I think the next time you or someone else questions why Jesus died for us, simply answering, “Because He loves me,” would be sufficient. But if it’s not, then tell them to pick up their Bible and read the book of Romans. It is filled with why Jesus died that day on the cross and I myself feel that I can never do enough to repay Him for that.