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Why Brooke Burke was Chosen as a new co Host for Dancing with the Stars

Selection as Host and her Predecessor:

Brooke Burke was chosen to join Tom Bergeron as the co-host for season 10 of the show, “Dancing with the Stars.” The series began airing on March 22, 2010. Burke was selected as the new host based upon her personality, beauty, talent, and brains. Before Burke, Samantha Harris had co-hosted previous seasons of the ABC hit. Harris was popular with both fans and critics, but chose, instead, to focus her talents on her other obligations, including “The Insider” and “Entertainment Tonight.”

Bubbly Personality:

Brooke Burke is known for her outgoing, flirtatious presentation. While hosting E! network’s travel show, “Wild On!,” Burke gained many fans based on her “say whatever is on my mind” style. She is never one to hold her tongue as was shown further on the CBS talent competition, “Rock Show.” Brooke has the unique ability of appealing to both male and female audiences as somehow both quirky and respectable. She can make you laugh and make you think in the same statement.

Overwhelming Beauty:

Burke appeared nude on the pages of Playboy magazine in both 2001 and 2004, spurring her rise to fame. She has also appeared in the most publicized Men’s magazines, including Stuff, FHM, and Maxim. Widely regarded as one of the most beautiful women on the planet, Burke was voted as one of Blender’s hottest women of film & TV, 2007.

Acclaimed Talent:

“Wild On!” received excellent reviews during it’s 4-year run with Brooke as the host, and many say that Burke was the reason for that popularity. Brooke presents not only a beautiful face, but also the talent for saying the right things at the right times. While “Rock Show” didn’t receive many positive reviews, Burke kept the show afloat with her striking looks and brilliant critiques. Brooke also brings dancing credibility to show, as it’s season 7 winner.

More than a Pretty Package:

Along with personality, beauty, and talent, Burke has proven herself as an intellectual. She chooses to sometimes act “cute” for the cameras, but behind that facade is a brilliant scholar. After graduating high school in Arizona, Burke studied Broadcast Journalism at the prestigious University of Lincoln, UK. Through interviews and live broadcasts, she has shown herself to be sharp-witted and intelligent. Brooke isn’t your typical playboy bunny, preferring astrology over rendezvous, “My ideal date would be to park in a dark place, check out the stars, and have a great conversation.”

Lofty Expectations:

Audiences are expecting greatness with Burke as the new co-host, after Samantha Harris’ brilliant seasons. Burke has constantly proven her abilities to rise to the challenge, and “Dancing with the Stars” will be no exception. Brooke Burke presents a well-rounded talent to a series in desperate need of someone to fill lofty shoes. Viewer’s are in for a treat as Burke takes the reigns and will lead the show to another commercially and critically successful season.