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Why American Idol Alum Fantasia Barrino tried to Kill herself

It’s an old familiar story. Someone becomes famous, the pressures of their new lifestyle begin to build, and something happens to push them over the edge. For Fantasia Barrino, American Idol winner, the breakup of a relationship was the catalyst.

Fantasia Barrino, from all appearances, has everything going for her, fame, fortune, and talent. However, those of us on the outside often forget that stars have a private life as well, and sometimes it isn’t all that good. For Barrino, the private life included a married man named Antwaun Cook. According to the 26 year old Barrino, he portrayed himself as a separated married man, whose marriage was all but over.

It wasn’t until later, that Cook’s wife pressed legal charges against Barrino, claiming that she had been the cause of their marriage failure, but, by that time, Cook had already broken up with the singer. Cook’s wife is asking for the custody of the children, alimony, and the Lexus.

August 9th, Barrino took a bottle of aspirin, which she first claimed was a mistake, and was only saved by her manager who happened to find her and called 911. According to reports, when she realized that her attempt had been unsuccessful, her first thought was that the event would only lead to yet another drama in her already hectic life. She claimed, later on, that the breakup with Cook was only a part of her breakdown. The legal complaint from his wife, coupled with everything else she had been through in her rise to stardom had all contributed to the suicide attempt. She also said that she believed Cook when he said he was separated, and had no idea the couple were still together.

This isn’t an uncommon situation for those who have worked hard for fame, and spent, literally years, in high stress situations, while climbing their way to the top. Eventually, the strain catches up to them. Fame and fortune are hard work, difficult to come by, and difficult to keep. The only part of the lives of the famous that we are privy too are the glamour and glitz.

According to her mother, the doctor has advised Barrino to rest and take it easy for awhile, which is probably what she should have done some time ago. Barrino says that she is deeply sorry for upsetting everyone, and she no doubt is. It was one of those things. No one can push themselves forever without eventually breaking, and Cook just happened to be the last straw.