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Whole Foods as a Means to self Healing self Heal for your Health Feel Good with Sefl Healing

Self healing is sometimes the best medicine. Once you identify what is wrong with you, self healing may be a good choice over overpriced prescription drugs your doctor will give you. It is important to note that self healing is not for every condition, and it is important you educate yourself in knowing when to self heal and when you need to go to the doctor.

 Physical and mental injuries and ongoing problems need healing as well as the heart. It is easy to run to the doctor to solve problems, but there is a better way. Our own immune system, time, and a little help from natural remedies can usually take care of such things as the common cold, anxiety, anemia, acne, obesity, and a slew of other problems.

We live in a growing whole foods world. Whole foods are one of the main medicines in self healing. Vegetables, whole grains, and fruits all hold the properties that our immune system needs to stay strong and heal. Our bodies have already been designed to heal themselves when we get sick. Many times our own anxieties make our physical and mental problems worse than they are.

Exercise is also a main part of self healing. If you do not raise your heartbeat at least once a day for about twenty minutes, even just a walk around the block for twenty minutes will suffice if nothing else, your harming yourself. The exercise is part of keeping your body strong for self healing. When you have exercised and put in your time that way, when you get injured your body will heal all the faster.

Rest is another important part of healing. If you hit your leg really hard and it hurts but you can still move it, and you inspect it and you are pretty sure it is not broken, you will immediately, I hope, put ice on it, elevate it, and stay in one place. Rest and allow the blood and cells to gather to the injured area to repair it, is the single most important thing to do when self healing. Stress is a big factor as it wears down the immune system. When you rest you cut stress down and your body will feel better. The mere fact of resting every night to be prepared for the day is important in everyday health. You have to rest in any self healing situation.

One of the best self-healing books out there is the Prescription for Nutritional Healing by Phyllis A. Balch, CNC. It is broken down into ailments in alphabetical order as well as the cures. There are many others as well; self healing has a lot to do with education. You must educate yourself on the body and the cures so you can make good decisions for yourself. It is fun, relax, and you will feel good.