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Who was Siddhartha Gautama

Siddhartha Gautama is the historical Buddha. Born a prince of the Sakya clan, in India, Siddhartha grew up a child of privilege. On the day of his birth, the king, his father, called for several wise men to augur the child’s future. Each held up two fingers saying that he would either be the greatest king in India or a Buddha, except the last wise man who only held up one finger. This wise man prophesied that Siddhartha would be a great Buddha. Feeling distraught by the possibility that his son would not follow him to the throne, he sequestered Siddhartha at the palace and devised a plan to ensure he would know only comfort. The prince would be moved from one palace to another to ensure he was always where the weather was nicest. His servants and retainers would always be young and healthy, or would be replaced with those who were. He was kept from the poor districts and never allowed to see a person who was old, ill, or dead. One day prince Siddhartha was traveling from one castle to another and the towns that he was traveling through had been emptied of the poor, old and infirm, by order of the king. But on this day, a poor wretch with a begging bowl walked in front of the procession, followed by a aged man a ways up the road. Finally, the procession came by a corpse on the side of the road. Seeing these sights caused Siddhartha to know sadness and suffering, and he renounced his throne and left to find enlightenment. He studied under several prominent mystics and hermits, and practiced corporeal mortification, but he learned that these things taught him nothing. He left his teachers and wandered for a time, until one day found him resting under a bodhi tree. He resolved not to move until he found enlightenment, which did after a time, come to him there. He then traveled across India preaching to those who cared to listen his Dharma. He eventually died of poison from mushrooms served to him by a poor farmer.