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Who Played the best Dr who

The Time Lord has wormed his way into the lexicon of television and the English language over the years. The Doctor that I remember watching as a child that captivated my attention was Tom Baker . He has always been the epitome of that character as well as being an excellent actor capable of injecting spirit and vitality into any role.

I grew up watching Dr. Who on PBS. The TARDIS was magical and symbolic of my own imagination as a child, seemingly diminutive on the outside, but, an entire universe of possibilities on the inside. There were times when the newspaper would let me know the show was going to be on and everything else in my life was arranged so that I wouldn’t miss it. The moment that I sat down to watch the show and the man that I knew as the Doctor wasn’t there anymore a sadness fell upon my heart that remains to this day. Unlike the Doctor, the concept of time, regeneration, and television scheduling for public television of incomprehensible to me at ten years of age.

He always had that crazy smile on his face and a head full of hair that had a character entirely all its own. Who can forget that scarf, also! It was exciting to watch the show just to see what expressions would be on his face.

Apparently, there is a large following of David Tennant as the favorite Doctor and there is fair evidence to believe that he deserves such recognition. Each actor that has portrayed the Doctor over the last five decades or so deserves such praise considering the role has as many layers as the prolific onion. Each incarnation reveals another aspect to the Doctor’s character that was previously unknown. There have been eleven Doctors so far and hopefully there will be many more. There is no reason for there not to be with the genius ability of the main character to transform in appearance.  The fifth Doctor, Peter Davison, must also share a place in my heart because it was a difficult task to follow the ineffable Tom Baker. Once the shock wore off of having a new Doctor he managed to imbue a bit of his spirit into my youth.

Generations have had the pleasure of watching Doctor Who. It is one of the most inventive and original series. It deserves to be in the same company as Star Trek and The Twilight Zone, and Tom Baker is my Captain Kirk!