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Who is your Favorite Model from Americas next Top Model

America’s Next Top Model is a creative venture that has brought beautiful girls with a lot of drive and tenacity to the forefront of American culture. And with that said I have found a lot of girls with drive, tenacity and dreams come and go on America’s Next Top Model. Haven’t we all found girls on the show that we love, we hate, or that we really want to see win? And then they don’t win.

Many times there are girls on the show who really don’t have what it takes to be the next top model. And then sometimes a girl gets down to the last three remaining contestants and is told to pack her belongings and leave by Tyra. And we are left sobbing in pool of tears on the floor.

So the show isn’t fair, but we all love to watch who will become ‘America’s Next Top Model’.

The girls all have different personalitities. It is fun to watch each girl come in with her various background and see how she puts it all together to make it to the top. And some of the girls are just plain crazy. Several have been so shy, that you wonder why they are there in the first place. Sorry, you have to get topless for this million dollar contract.

Several girls I was routing for didn’t win, and I really thought should have won, but only made it so far and were kicked off. And some had attitudes of divas and should have been knocked down a few pegs. Those two super skinny twins, with the red hair, were not pretty at all and should never have been on the show in the first place. It’s just my opinion, that’s all.

Eva Pigford got on my nerves through the entire season, and then she won. She seemed to know she was pretty and didn’t work it. Eva had an attiude about her that rubbed me the wrong way.
She didn’t have any of that model cuteness or humor that a girl needs to be a top model. But she won, and that was that. They showed her mentoring models several seasons later, and she still had this “I’m all that attitude.”

Jaslene Gonsales really threw us all for a loop in cycle 8 of Top Model. I really didn’t think she was going to win. But what really inmpressed me about her was her wonderful, driven, down to earth, hard working personality. She was one of the girls that was rejected in a previous show. She didn’t even get past the first show one season. Then she showed what she was really made of. She came back, and worked so hard. By the final show, everyone in America and the world over could see that Jaslene had what all the other girls didn’t have.

She had drive. She pushed herself to the absolute limits. When she was told to look a certain way, she did it with ease. She obviously had been working very hard to get to the show and then to win. She has the personlity of a winner. Why? Because she works extremely hard. She just doesn’t do an Eva and show up dripping with attitude. She is a true chameleon. She can show any side of herself with ease and determination and make it work.

She’s one of those models that is very pretty, cute , funny, smart, driven and enthusiastic that seems desitined to supermodel status. The only thing that bothered me about her was that she was almost too thin. She needed to gain a few pounds. But there are all kinds of models and many that are thin make it, and some that actually do have some meat in the breast department make it also.

When she won, we all knew she deserved it. She worked the hardest, was the most mature and showed who she really was, and went with it. Besides she was ditched on another show, so that would have been horrible for her to have been cast aside once again. Hand me the tissues.