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Who is your Favorite Contestant from Rock of Love and why

Rock of Love is my favorite reality TV show. I’m not sure that it is because I have had a little crush on Bret Michaels since I was a kid or if I just like watching trampy train-wrecks making fools of themselves on national TV. Perhaps it is because I really do want Bret to find love and settle down. But I love to watch this show. I have watched each season diligently, never missing even a single episode. Of course I have had my favorite contestants, but with each new season there is opportunity to choose a new favorite girl. This last season is no exception, except that I think I found my favorire Reality show contestant ever, in Mindy Hall, who is one of the final two of ‘Rock of Love Bus’. The first season I had a few favorites, and would say that overall Jes Rickleff, the ultimate winner was my favorite that year. The second season was less exciting than the first, however, and harder to pick even one gal that I actually liked. These girls were more entertainment for me than they were capable of handling Bret’s heart. The winner, Ambre Lake was not someone that I would have chosen for the former lead singer of my beloved Poison. I was overjoyed at the opportunity of a third season (but renamed Rock of Love Bus with Bret Michaels) and a whole slew of new crazy chicks to entertain me!

Mindy has had to beat the trashiest chicks out of all of Bret’s shows. Even now, when she is poised to win, she is up against a ‘Penthouse’ pet (yeah yeah, I know, pet of the year, Taya, because you have only mentioned it 5,000 times, sheesh), with very…um…clownish eyebrows. Poor Mindy. Okay, yes, she whines a bit, and she has had a few little fits, (and she can’t sing!), but I believe that it is solely because she really does like Bret and is afraid of losing him to another. I can see it. But, she is cute, funny, smart, pretty, classy, and likable. She is not dull or drab like last years winner. I love Mindy because she seems real to me, and I truly think that she and Bret are just adorable together. Mindy, to me is the perfect person to be with Bret, though many people who are watching the show don’t think that any one of the gals have been good for him. I disagree, and I really, truly hope that she wins this weekend.

The rest of the contestants this year were much the same as last years. Trashy strippers, who are brainless, or have little (or no) class at all. They may be able to hang with Bret while on the road, or entertain his fans on the show itself, or participate wonderfully in “Truck Stop games”. Ashley was pure entertainment, Farrah was not into Bret but was also entertainment, and both of those girls were immature, and in most cases rude and crude. Kelsey was cute, but too young, and Brittanya had anger management problems, and Beverly had issues that we never have figured out even now. Mindy is the only one who I have liked since the very first episode that she appeared in. Mindy is sincere, not there for promotion (or seemingly), and I like her accent.

Season one of ‘Rock of Love’, had the very best array of contestants. It seemed as if those gals were more real and likable (except for Lacy) than the season two cast. Then, it was easy to pick a girl whom we could see Bret with (except for Lacy). Rodeo was cool, even if she wasn’t right for Bret, and Jess was one that I would have liked to see the rocker staying with. If Jess hadn’t changed her mind about wanting Bret on the reunion show (even though it did give me a second season), she may have been my favorite. But she was young, and not ready for love, much less one that would be so high profile. I will state right now, that none of the girls from season two stood out in any way for me. I admit Daisy had a nice body, but I doubt any of it was real, and she was uglier than he#* and she had tattoo’s all over her body. Beyond that, she looked as if she were high during the entire run of the show. In addition, she was quite ignorant, and annoying. In short; I just did not like her at all. She wasn’t as bad as Lacy, but at least we knew Bret wasn’t too swayed by her solely because of her looks, like he was Daisy. The girl that Bret did choose, Amber, was a complete joke. She lied about her age, and she edged the other contestants out by playing the meek and sweet victim. I do not like her either. I thought Kristy Joe was beautiful, but she had issues that even Bret couldn’t solve. Had she stayed, I would have preferred that she won. Glad I am that Bret did not have much of a good choice in season two, because season three has yielded my favorite contestant (and possible real, true love, if one follows body language), Mindy Hall.

I really did love Samantha, from Season one. She wasn’t the prettiest girl, but she was more beautiful on the inside than any other reality contestant on either of the shows. She was a true rock chick, and she wasn’t a groupie. She had a heart of gold, she didn’t play games with the other gals, she was nice, but not too sweet, and she was talented, as well as strong willed. Though she was sweet, she did not let anyone push her around, nor did she ever back away from a fight. She wasn’t an instigator either, though, and she was a steady kind of companion for Bret. She was also a musician, and she knew more about music than any of the rest of the girls in the house combined. If Mindy hadn’t come along, Sam may have been my favorite, but Midy did and she stole my heart. I just hope that she has also stolen Bret’s because he is getting a bit too old for the constant debauchery that has been displaying lately on VH1.