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Who is Jesus Matthew 16 Bible Study Gospel Book of Matthew

Who Is Jesus?

The question “Who is Jesus?” is answered again and again throughout the entire Bible. Every new answer shows more about him, and even if you think you have seen something about Jesus before, you can learn the exact same thing again and it will get bigger and better and mean more in your life. You can never stop finding the answer to “Who is Jesus?” This is not the whole answer, but Matthew 16 has four little stories and each one answers this question.

Jesus is Life From the Dead. Matthew 16: 1 4

The Pharisees and Sadducees demanded that Jesus show them a sign. There are some lessons in the bad example of these guys, but today is “Who Is Jesus?” day so I will focus on Christ’s words. He said, “the only sign I will give them is the sign of the prophet Jonah.” This tells us that Jesus IS life from the dead.
Jonah was a dead man in many ways.
He was dead because he was running away from God. He was pushing away the only giver of life. He was running from life; that was death. Jonah’s next death was water. The Bible doesn’t tell us how well Jonah did in swimming lessons as a kid, but Jonah’s swimming doesn’t really matter. If he can’t swim, he’ll go under in 1 seconds. If he can swim, he’ll go under in 1 hours. But either way, all that water meant death for Jonah.
Then comes the fish. Bible scholars refuse to guess about the species of this large water creature, but we can be sure it had several death providers available to Jonah: teeth, tongue, throat, suffocation, stomach acid.

Jonah was as good as dead inside that fish for three days. Then God brought life from the dead. For Jonah the most important part of his new chance at life was that he ran toward God instead of away; that’s life. But God also gave him life through vomit. The sickness of that poor fish got Jonah out of the fish and out of the water.

Jesus was telling the stupid religious people that He would be dead for three days and then live again. Jesus was telling them that he was, He is life. They didn’t get it. Do you?

Jesus is the Great Giver. Matthew 16: 5 12

The next answer Matthew gave to the question, “Who is Jesus?” came as Jesus stopped a fight. His men were fighting just as foolishly as boys in the back of the minivan or men in the back of the church. Their fight was about food. One guy said, “You were supposed to bring the bread.” And the next guy said, “No I wasn’t. You were.” And ten more men joined in and on and on it went until Jesus stopped them all. He didn’t even tell them how foolish they were to fight like spoiled kids. He answered a more important question as He told of the times He had fed thousands.

Don’t be foolish like the guys with Jesus. Don’t fight when you don’t have what you need. Jesus has it all. Jesus gives it all. You must know how to call out to him.

Jesus is the Son of God. Matthew 16: 13 20

Matthew’s next answer for, “Who is Jesus?” comes from the mouth of Peter.
Peter is well known for messing up.
This time he got it right. Jesus asked the disciples what the people were saying about him, and he got a few answers. But Peter said, “You are the Son of God.”

Jesus is the King, the Maker of everything and everyone, the richest, the smartest, the most powerful of any person that ever walked the earth.

Jesus is our Sacrifice. Matthew 16: 21 28

Right after Peter’s best words, Matthew gave us some of his worst. I would have said that Peter wasn’t too smart to tell Jesus He didn’t have to die. Jesus wasn’t so gentle about it. Jesus called Peter the devil for trying to fight against God’s plan.
Jesus said that he must die as the sacrifice. The best, the final sacrifice.
The guys with Jesus knew about killing animals in the temple to worship God. They knew the many different reasons for it and the power of it.

The final answer to, “Who is Jesus?” was that He was and He is the one who died for us. He died to take away the gap between you and God. Jesus died so that a messed up person can come close to a perfect God.