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Who Created God Big Bang

In other articles on this topic it is oft stated that God needed no creator since he is infinite but the big bang did since it had a beginning.  This is a misinterpretation of the big bang theory.

The big bang, should it prove to be accurate, was the starting point of the known universe.  Something exploded; we’re not sure exactly what yet.  Even though the known universe did not exist before the big bang, something did, the thing that exploded.  Where did that come from?  We don’t know for sure.  It could have been the result of the collapse of a previous universe.  It could have always existed, in some form or another.

Of course this also implies there was time, as we know it, before the beginning of the universe.  This is tediously debated amongst people much smarter than I am.  

Whereas it’s possible that what we call God caused the big bang, there is just no scientific data that supports that theory.  We can measure and observe things in deep space that seem to support a big bang itself though.

As to the root question, who/what created God, the answer “He is infinite” does indeed set him outside the parameters of known physics and laws.  To say he exists in this realm, outside the known universe puts him in the realm of the extra-physical.  This theory of an infinite, extra-universe creator requires acknowledgement of the possibility of infinite existence, which requires acknowledgement that something can exist without itself having been ‘created’.  This defeats the entire ‘creation requires a creator’ argument altogether.  If God didn’t need a creator because he always existed, then it is logically just as possible that the universe, or at least the stuff it’s made of, is also infinite and did not need a creator.

The real answer to the question, who / what created God is most likely “We did” as an ancient tale, not unlike thousands of other ancient tales used to describe the unknown.  

During the Bronze Age and even before, stories were everywhere, on every inhabited continent, of deities, gods, spirits, magic, cosmic mystery and characters with super human qualities.  Vast epic tales of creation, birth, life, vengeance, destruction, beauty, tortured, tempted and redeemed people.  People turned into pillars of salt, talking jackasses, global floods, and people waking up inside a fish.  Our Bible is simply not all that original when compared to other stories of the time.  So the greatest likelihood is that we, at least our ancestors, made up these stories based on fragments of other stories and compiled them into what we now call God.