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Who are the seven Archangels

The list would have been easy to identify and share if only the various sources have agreed to come up with a definitive list. But being fraught by many doubts and questions, the preparation has been far from easy. But still this write-up will then help to conveniently enumerate all available names of archangels from many sources and authorities (most of which maybe considered very obscure, even mysterious by the typical reader).  Depending on the depth and breath of your own researches made on angels, you can always come up with some other names that you may find fitting to meet your research objectives on learning about these angels.  And as such, archangels are supposed to be above the grade of typical angels, with a rank that denotes hierarchy in the high heavens. Are there really just “7” archangels? The answer depends, as said earlier, on sources you can hold of.

In Gustav Davidson’s “A Dictionary of Angels (including the fallen angels),” the curious researcher can find an intriguing listing down of  names of archangels, that almost always are seven. Why seven? The number “7” is considered mystical, even from very old written sources. Davidson has done a crucial survey and research along his efforts to collect information about angels while on a “literary diversion.” As such, in his dictionary, we have been provided most expediently for our purposes with the following (enumerated according the source and authority, which have been briefly described using mostly secondary sources online):

Enoch I (Ethiopic Enoch), which is considered the earliest reference to the count of “7” of archangels. This source is believed to have been originally written in Hebrew, a translation in Greek then followed. An Ethiopic translation was then made (the only complete surviving manuscript is in Ethiopic, hence the name), and subsequently Latin. Several versions exist. The New Testament Epistle of Jude refers to this book in verse 14. Until the year 300, most Christian churches included this book in the Bible, but since then has been discredited, until recent researches were made to verify, criticize its contents in the context of the Bible as we know it now.
1.    Uriel
2.    Raphael
3.    Raguel (Ruhiel, Ruagel, Ruahel)
4.    Michael
5.    Zerachiel (Araqael)
6.    Gabriel
7.    Remiel (Jeremiel, Jerahmeel)

3 Enoch (Hebrew Enoch), also called “Hebrew Apocalypse of Enoch,” a second century A.D. Jewish writing, reputedly by the scholar Rabbi Ishmael from Palestine. This is the single biggest source of angelic lore, as largely a recount of Rabbi Ishmael who came face to face with the archangel Metatron – God’s “secretary” (formerly the patriarch Enoch who was mentioned in the present Bible as we know it in Chapter 5 verse 24 of the Book of Genesis, where he was described as being taken by God, i.e. he didn’t have to die).

1.    Mikael
2.    Gabriel
3.    Shatqiel
4.    Baradiel
5.    Shachaqiel
6.    Baraqiel (Baradiel)
7.    Sidriel (or Pazriel)

Testament of Solomon – this early source is supposedly written by the famous King Solomon, but whose earliest available text is written in Greek, and “reads like a self-help manual against demonic activity, with a moral to follow.”
1.    Mikael
2.    Gabriel
3.    Uriel
4.    Sabrael
5.    Arael
6.    Iaoth
7.    Adonael

Christian Gnostics – alluded mostly in the writings of Early Christian Church Fathers, these are the followers of “a religion that differentiates the evil god of this world (who is identified with the god of the Old Testament) from a higher more abstract God revealed by Jesus Christ, a religion that regards this world as the creation of a series of evil archons/powers who wish to keep the human soul trapped in an evil physical body, a religion that preaches a hidden wisdom or knowledge only to a select group as necessary for salvation or escape from this world.”
1.    Michael
2.    Gabriel
3.    Raphael
4.    Uriel (or equated with Phanuel)
5.    Barachiel
6.    Sealtiel
7.    Jehudiel

Gregory the Great (around 540 A.D. – 604 A.D.) the first monk to become Pope in the Roman Catholic Church, he was considered an exceptionally eminent leader whose customary title “the Great” has been given only to another (Pope St. Leo I); in his many writings are found many materials on angels and the archangels.
1.    Michael
2.    Gabriel
3.    Raphael
4.    Uriel
5.    Simiel
6.    Orifiel
7.    Zachariel

Pseudo-Dionysius – supposedly the Athenian converted by St. Paul, and mentioned in the Acts of the Apostles (Chapter 17 verse 34). The available materials on his book “Celestial Hierarchy” include details on names of the archangels and enumerated as:
1.    Michael
2.    Gabriel
3.    Raphael
4.    Uriel
5.    Chamuel
6.    Jophiel
7.    Zadkiel

In Geonic Lore – a branch of traditional Jewish teachings that centered on academies based in old Babylonia (primarily in Sura and Pumbeditha), the noted periods of their most influential presence were from the 6th to the middle of 11th century.
1.    Michael
2.    Gabriel
3.    Raphael
4.    Aniel
5.    Kafziel
6.    Samael
7.    Zadkiel

In Talismanic Magic – there are books describing and including prayers invoking the help of angels in “Talismanic Magic,” the major influences of which might have been the Jewish kabbalists and Muslim mystics of the ancient years. One available material online, “The Lesser Key of Solomon,” (that in many ways relates with the source mentioned somewhere in this article) with 4 major chunks with language written in archaic English, contains the names of the following archangels (as spread all over inside its pages)
1.    Zaphkiel
2.    Zadkiel
3.    Camael
4.    Raphael
5.    Haniel
6.    Michael
7.    Gabriel

In the Hierarchy of the Blessed Angels – a 1635 poem (described as “moralizing” by most sources) in nine books by the English playwright, actor, and author Thomas Heywood, where he shares his list of archangels with the following:
1.    Raphael
2.    Gabriel
3.    Chamuel
4.    Michael
5.    Adabiel
6.    Haniel
7.    Zaphiel

Based on the listing, the names of archangels that appeared most in the listings are: Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Zadkiel, and Haniel. Only 1 name short than the mystical “7” – please feel free then to decide to include the name you believe should make the list based on your own studies.