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Where does the Bible State that you have to be a Republican or a Democrat

An Open Letter To The Republican Party

On March 4th, 1861, the very first Republican President of the United States was sworn into office. Known as a great American, he is forever enshrined in our nation’s capitol, the memorial to him visited by millions the world over every year. Abraham Lincoln is probably rolling over in his grave upon seeing what his party has become, and the greed, fear, and lies that now permeate the American landscape because of it.

Teddy Roosevelt was another Republican President who is widely considered to be a great man, and who was also, along with General Dwight D. Eisenhower, forever seared into the American psyche as true patriots. But that’s where it ends.

You, the politicians who have inherited a party that was always before known as the party who could always be counted on to do the right thing when America needed you the most, are now widely perceived, not just here in America, but indeed, the world over, as the American political machine that is to be feared, that is corrupt, and that believes that somehow, America has an inherent right to own the world.

The world has seen the corruption that ran rampant during the administrations of Nixon, and Reagan, as well as the first President Bush. But nothing in the entire history of the Republican Party could have ever prepared the world for the outright evil that permeates the halls of Capitol Hill and the White House today. Not to say that the Democratic Party is not without their own skeletons in the closet, but that issue can wait for another day. This one can not.

There are those of you within the party who see the skirting of the laws of the land, but have chosen to remain silent or have voted along party lines to the detriment of the people you were elected to serve. You have backed this President and his Executive cronies, even as they have taken more power unto themselves than is allowed for in our Constitution. You have now seen that this President can not be trusted, has lied us into a war, manipulated our Intelligence Communities, favored his political hacks with positions of high power, even though they were not qualified for the jobs, and taken this country, our beloved America, down a path that will surely lead to ruin for all of us.

You can no longer delude yourselves about any of this, or truly believe in your hearts that this President, his Vice-President, or any one else working for this President has the interests of anyone but themselves and their corporate friends in mind as they make decisions that hurt our economy, get American citizens killed on a daily basis, gut our Constitution, and lead us into war on falsehoods.

In order to regain any credibility with the vast majority of the people of this country, several steps must be taken by the members of your party. First and foremost, you must disavow yourselves of this President, this Vice-President, and indeed, with the entire current Executive Branch. Your continued fealty to them no longer seems like loyalty, but a reckless disregard for the truth. Support the impeachment proceedings, and help to remove these dangerous criminals from office. Anything less is complicity in their ongoing crimes against the American people.

Second. You must stop pandering to the extreme right wing fanatics who are trying to reshape the United States into a fascist entity. This country is beginning to look more like the Nazi Germany of the late 1930’s than the America of the modern day.

Third. You can not possibly believe that you are the religious party of our nation. If you truly believe this, then you are lost already, and nothing can be done for you. Your party holds no monopoly on the path to God, for there is something called freedom of religion, as well as freedom FROM religion in this country. Your insistent kneeling before the altar of the religious fanatics, who see themselves as the harbingers of the Hand of Doom, only serves to drive away those of us who might have considered a candidate from your party.

You can no longer block investigations into malfeasance by the White House, the Dept. of Justice, current or former White House officials, or agencies that were created to serve the people, but have been turned into corporate piggy banks. If you are, as you say, a party of truth, then you will see the writing on the wall, and switch course accordingly.

The Republican party needs to go back to their roots. The roots of decency, of the rights of all Americans, of balanced budgets, and of going to war only when there were no other options. Ignoring all of the above can only lead to the continued erosion of your party, as Americans grow weary of your attempts to defraud us, the continued unwavering support of a mad man in the White House, and the open pandering to certain segments of our society to the detriment of the rest. Go back and start over. Those true Republicans among you must kick out those others in your midst who have hijacked the party to further agendas or to rob the United States of it’s treasure. There are countless dead Americans who have fought in wars for freedom who demand it. And there are countless Americans alive today who will no longer tolerate the status quo.