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What the Quran says about Giving Charity

In regards to charity, the Quran gives a very broad view of the concept.  According to the Quran, charity is not simply limited to giving money, food, toys, and so forth.  The Quran gives a very broad and in-depth view in regards to the concept of charity.  On the website called “Muslim.org,” there are various examples and explanations on Islam’s meaning of charity in the Quran. 

One can refer to verse 3:92 of the Holy Quran which states the following: “You cannot attain to righteousness unless you spend (in charity) out of what you love.” 

Muslim.org defines that charity is giving what God or Allah has given you.  It is energy, talent, resources, money, possessions, and so forth.  In short, use whatever you have to help those that are in need.  However, charity is not usually limited to giving money. 

You do it out of duty and a love for Allah and other people.  You do not give money to fulfill your own desires.  In a sense, you are encouraged to be altruistic.  Also, you do not give money to the poor and so forth as a means to degrade them.  In this respect, you are not giving charity at all. 

Asides from giving money or food, charity is also classified as the following: feeding the hungry, offering your time to help repair damage to a structure, helping someone cross the street, giving a lost person directions, helping the unemployed find work, and so forth.  In this regard, this form of charity is highly encouraged amongst practitioners of Islam.  In addition, only give whatever is helpful and useful to charity.

According to “Progressive-Muslim.org,” there are additional verses in regards to charity.  Verse 17:26-29, of the Quran, states: “You shall give the due alms to the relatives, the needy, the poor, and the travelling alien, but do not be excessive, extravagant.”

An article on Soundvision.com, in regards to Quran and charity, gives further information.  By using wealth and resources in regards to charity, we do not stress our benevolence.  In this respect, you undo the good that you have done.  Giving money, items, help, and so forth does not necessarily make it charity.  The Quran implies that an act can or cannot be charity due to a person’s intentions. 

If you give money out of concern for other people, then you are committing an act of charity.  If you give money with a bunch of stipulations for your own self-gain, then this is not an act of charity.  Thus, you could be committing a sin according to the Quran.

Also, the Quran encourages those to give to charity in moderation.

Charity, according to the Quran, is simple but deep at the same time.  It encourages one to examine the intentions behind the acts of charity.  Just because one gives does not simply mean it is charity unless the reasons are right.  Also, it frowns upon giving to charity to the extreme.