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What the nine of Cups Tarot Card Means and how to Read the 9 of Cups in a Tarot Spread

The Nine of Cups is often described as the Wish Card and when it turns up in a spread it suggests love and luck.

If the querent is feeling unaccountably optimistic, then this card tells them why. There is a suggestion that something really lovely is going to happen. It may not necessarily be a “wish come true” but it will certainly be something that will brighten up their days.

It’s difficult to say which is the nicest card, the nine or the ten of Cups. They’re both pleasing cards in a spread.

Predictions in the Nine of Cups ~

There’s an emotional calm when this card appears in a spread and the querent might feel a growing sense of rapport and camaraderie in a special relationship. There’s something they’ve wanted for a long time now and the nine of cups suggests that this is almost within their reach. Also, if they happen to work in creative fields, or enjoy artistic hobbies, this is a favourable time to put their talents to work.

There’s lots of happiness around them and it could be that within the next nine weeks or nine months they will experience something so warm and wonderful that they will look back upon it fondly for years. Delight, pleasure and a bright future is shown in this card. Life is more enjoyable now and romance is strongly likely.

Advice in the Nine of Cups ~

This card is associated with love matters, social successes and happiness in general. But more importantly, it stresses that a special wish is about to be granted.

If the querent had a question in mind when they started their tarot reading, then perhaps this card is answering it for them, especially if they were wondering whether something that they hope for more than anything is going to come true. The Nine of Cups suggests: “yes!”

Even so they must be certain that the wish they want is as important to them as they really believe. For if they are considering flippant matters, then the Tarot can sometimes hit back and although the wish will be granted, it won’t bring the happiness or satisfaction they were expecting.

Nine of Cups in a Tarot Spread ~

When the nine of cups shows in a spread, there is an aura of contentment, emotional stability, success and happiness and this should also promote good health. Also, quite possibly, a dearest wish is about to come true.

Fulfilment in love and a feeling as if a romantic dream has come true is a possibility when the nine of cups appears.