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What it Means to be a Muslim

A day will come when the Earth shall perish. The trumpet will sound and the mountains will crumble. On that day , the dead will be risen and we will all stand before our creator to account for our deeds and to be rewarded or punished for our actions throughout our short life. This is what it means to be a Muslim , to live everyday of your life patiently waiting for that day when we will meet with the most Merciful one, who will tell us the faith of our next life, Janah (Heaven) or Jahannum (Hell).

Muslims believe that life in this world is only temporary. The next life will not end. We will be in our next destination forever. Where we are going next depends on our actions in this world. Allah (God) will reward the compassionate and kind-hearted ones with heaven. In the Holy Quran, Allah has described heaven as a place of bounties and beauty. The people in heaven will be adorned with golden bracelets and wear green garments of fine silk. In paradise, there will be no suffering, no sickness and no pain. The Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) said when asked about Heaven,  “Never mind what Allah has told you;What he has not told you is even greater”.

Hell, on the other hand, will be a place where the wrong doers and evil ones will spend eternity. Hell is described in the Quran as a place of suffering, torture and punishments. It is said by the Prophet that the pit of hell is so deep that if a rock was thrown it would hit the bottom seventy years later. A person will spend a few minutes in hell and they would forget about all the good times they ever experienced. The fire in hell will burn the skin of the bodies and everytime the skin is burnt out, it will be replaced with a new skin.There will be shackles and chains placed around their feet and necks.

As Muslims, we strive to live our lives so we will be accepted into Paradise. It is the place where we will dwell forever with only the good ones and Our Creator. As Muslims, we surely want to do everything we can in this life to avoid being among those in the pits of the burning hell. So we should live everyday as it surely is our last, don’t tell a lie, say our five daily prayers, give charity even if we ourselves are in need, perform our fasts , perform Hajj if we can, and be kind and respectful to our parents, because this is what it means to be a Muslim.