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What is the new Islamic Thought on Democracy and Freedom

President George W. Bush predicted that if America and its allies were able to establish democracy in Iraq it would pay dividends of freedom for the entire Middle East region.  Today, it appears that that evaluation and his predictions are coming true. 

The proposition that Islamic belief is not compatible with democracy and freedom, denies the human hunger for personal liberty.  A second proposition postulates that innate human characteristics, “the yearning to be free” portion of human desire, can overcome the first negative theory, and freedom through democracy will find a way despite radical Islamic terror.

The explosion of information that is now flooding Islamic cultures is having a huge and complex impact on Muslim thinking, although it is just starting to become apparent.  Under the surface, questions of certain elements of Islamic interpretations, long held are being reevaluated in light of today’s world.

These reevaluations can sometime sound humorous, such as the trend to allow women to drive.  But they are happening in a host of areas of modern Islamic thought and cannot be ignored.  The trickle of change will become a torrent in the years to come.

The Washington Times is reporting that the protests in Iran are changing.  The demands for freedoms and a change in the tyranny of Imam-rule are reaching a crescendo:  “The chants and slogans of the demonstrators portray a nation that now demands an end to the supreme rule of Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and demands in its place a democratic nation where the Iranian people’s freedom and human rights are respected.”

Republican U.S. Senator John McCain of Arizona and Independent Senator Joseph Lieberman of Connecticut traveling in the Middle East, say that the possible end of the current Mahmoud Ahmedadinejad’s brutal dictatorship may be near.  Unfortunately for freedom loving Iranians, the policies of Barack Obama are to try and ignore the impact of the freedom fighters in Iran. He has failed to even take the meagerist of measures to encourage protestors.

It is obvious, that the freedom in Iraq is encouraging Iranians to demand it for themselves.  Iraq’s bumpy democracy is certainly not perfect.  Radical Muslims are still trying to kill people and democracy in the cradle of civilization.  How ironic.

In June of 2009, Edward N. Luttwak WSJ Online points to the tenuous regime: “At this point, only the short-term future of Iran’s clerical regime remains in doubt. The current protests could be repressed, but the unelected institutions of priestly rule have been fatally undermined. Though each aspect of the Islamic Republic has its own dynamic, this is not a regime that can last many more years.”

Sen. Lieberman told NewMax that:  “increased economic penalties against on Iran are critical.”

Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein had convinced the United Nations, John Kerry, Hillary and Bill Clinton Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid and the overwhelming majority of the Democrat establishment in 2003, that he was building weapons of mass destruction.  That threat was first revealed in the Clinton administration and ongoing effects to stop their development were taken by Clinton using singularly ineffective UN sanctions.  It was very obvious that they believed he was in fact, building nuclear and biological weapons.  And all of these people voted to use force to stop him.

The threat of WMDs was obvious in the region.  The vision of George Bush was very clear.  If weapons of WMDs were a threat to peace, a free and democratic Iraqi would be a threat to war and chaos in the whole Middle East and freedom and democracy could flourish, even in Islam.

Revelations in the protests in Iran show Bush was right.  It will obviously take some time, but the relentless humanistic craving for freedom leads ultimately to democracy.  The more it is on display in Iraq, the higher the demand for freedom worldwide.

The power of freedom and democracy is spreading in the Middle East, despite efforts by dictators’ to squelch them.  Syrian citizens, too, are watching and will begin to ask the same questions and make the same demands for themselves. 

They’ve watched Iraq gain freedom and if Iranian freedom fighters are successful in defeating the tyranny of Ahmadinejad and the hard-line Mullahs then why not them.

Hope spawns desires for freedom.  How sad that Obama’s “hope and change” does not include democratic freedoms for Iran, North Korea, and Venezuela.  He has, in fact, attempt to pacific and placate tyranny by failing to support freedom fighters in word and deed.

 The only question is what will happen if this same demand for freedom occurs in Saudi Arabia, Libya and particularly in dictatorships surrounding the area.

The power of freedom and democracy as envisioned by former President Ronald Reagan and George Bush, have taken time to begin to bear fruit.  But Reagan’s freedom quest led to the demolition of the Berlin wall and eastern European Communism even if it wasn’t demolished during his administration. 

The freedoms of the Middle East now seem poised to do the same thing.  Although they will not have occurred during Bush’s administration, they are none-the-less starting to take hold as he predicted.

As the world peers into the future there is a glimpse of freedom for all, particularly in the Muslim world, though just at the beginning of visible, it too will embrace the inevitable march of Democracy?