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What is Reality TV – Proud

Do I really dare say that I am a fan of “reality” TV? I do dare so. You’re probably asking why so this way, right? The reason being is because I don’t watch that many. Well, the ones I do watch are actually insanely interesting. I love the drive they give me. I love the thoughts I get. I love the way they get me going. I do have to admit I have my share of bad ones, but among those, I mainly have great ones. A&E; started out with Paranormal State season 1. I’ll admit I was a bit hesitant, but I had to check it out. I love the way they walk around the dark hallways looking for signs of maybe it being false, but the only things they come out with is the shocking truth of horror. Souls being trapped in houses, woods, attics, and even possessive demons. I hate to admit it, but that’s what drives me insane. It’s the fact that although you have all of these other shows that really aren’t worth watching, you also get those very enriching ones every once in a blue moon.

I find it hard to get too addicted when there aren’t even that many to watch. Gene Simmons has had my heart since just last year and within that year I’ve been able to catch up to every single episode since season 1. He tells it the way it is. Doesn’t like being wrong, but when he is, he finds a way to make it right. He’s mr. money bags himself and it’s interesting to watch him in the dangerous situations he gets himself into. It’s not so often you see a grown man walking around with a “vibrater” at a wedding and have his wife…excuse me…his girlfriend think of him as the biggest jerk in the world.

Then of course the ever lasting A Shot at Love with Tila Teuila 1 & 2. I don’t understand what it is with a gorgeous girl like. I mean to humiliate herself before the very eyes of the entire world. Well those of us that were watching and I can honestly say that I will not be tuning in for season 3 if there is to be one. I may be wrong, but I’m guessing she may be going for a season 3 and well, I hope it goes better for her. I will be slapping myself in the face every 5 minutes of every episode to that season if I dare watch it.

I haven’t ever been a fan of The Real World, but this seasons The Real World Hollywood was quite interesting. I say it proudly that it’s the only season I’ve actually seen and actually watched through and through. I find it quite excrutiating when people sit there and listen to their friend tell them the stories of how they almost died and still let them suffer twice more. It’s horrible when your friends know you’re a recoverer from some sort of addiction and yet they continue to cheer you on as you drink yourself away and yet the love you could have had with someone is slowly fading away.

Rock of Love 1 & 2 were other of my addictions and yet I think that was actually a waste of my time as was a shot of love like I said earlier on. And this time I do hope it works out for the very handsome Bret Michaels. I mean how could I not watch. My mom raised me on his music even though she doesn’t speak a lick of english. I mean he’s a great musician. Although, I did think it was a bit ridiculous that the very handsome Bret Michaels couldn’t find love outside a reality tv show. I guess if I were a rockstar I would be tired of groupies too. But he admits it himself that his love should get used to the groupies for his career. I mean, why is he looking for love if he’s only going to continue to be with the groupies. There’s no harm, but he admits the groupies a re a part of his career.

I can honestly say that another one of my favorites is Psychic Kids with psychic Chip Coffey. It’s great when these little kids find new friends with powers similar to their own and they don’t have to go through life alone like they did before they were introduced to one another. Later on in life you do meet others just like you. But these kids are special and they get a gift in the end. A better family. So here is why I am proud to say that I am a fan. There are great shows out there as well as horrible ones, but as you can see. Mine actually make sense. Mine are really “Reality” TV.

So, a heads up for those of you sitting at home watching dumb shows like The Bachelor and Bachlorette, Flava of Love, etc. Those aren’t all that interesting, but who am I to judge. You probably wouldn’t like mine either. So, really all I have to say is that. Pick your shows wisely, you may be missing out on some awesome, but gruelling stuff.