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What does the Rune Raido mean and how to Interpret the Symbols on the Rune Rad or Raidho

If you are experimenting or interested in the Runes and how the symbols are interpreted, this is the meaning of Raido or Rad.

This rune, Rad, represents wheels, circles and journeys.  It can be associated with the Wheel of Life in the Tarot.  The journeys this rune speaks of can be physical, through travel or even moving on and doing something different with your life. Or it can be spiritual where you will be developing the inner-self.

You see, change is indicated by the fifth rune stone.  Rather like the effects of the planet Pluto in astrology, the old and outworn must be ended, in order for new and more worthwhile ventures to begin.  When you suffer loss, it isn’t always easy to accept that this is necessary in order to experience new gains.  You will go through a time of solitude or despondency even, before you’re ready to progress.  Progress, however, is the word when this rune appears.

Lots of energy is apparent here.  And if you channel this in the right directions,  you will be able to accomplish some worthwhile projects and fulfil ambitions.  Change will eventually bring an increasing sense of optimism, and the changes I’m talking about here, are more in the way of broadening your horizons and expanding your existing assets rather than total transformation.

If you’re hoping to climb a few more rungs up the career-ladder then it is suggested that your hopes will soon come true

Changes occur: you might be thinking about moving out of your home, attending college, applying for a new job. Life never remains static and in order to develop spiritually, emotionally and mentally people move forward. Education, experience, travel and/or new relationships all go to form a part of life’s learning cycles. When this rune is cast, you might expect life to soon present you with just such opportunities to develop and grow. .

What is needed, wherever there is change, is for you to be willing to take that first step down new paths.  Often this is the hardest.  Once you’ve made your mind up and the process has begun, you’ll become swept along by the tide of change and I think you could really get to enjoy this.  Don’t swim against the tide as this would only waste energy and slow down progress.  Be prepared to relax and don’t be afraid of change.

Life is full of cycles: beginnings, middles and endings.  The wheel of life is now turning, according to the rune Rad when it is cast in a rune reading and you’re about to begin on a new and exciting journey.