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What does Teaching Shamanism Involve

I can never understand this Helium, they let anything go, unless I wrote it. Complain about how what I write has no relevance, yet, has anyone read any of these articles? Teaching Shamanism. When did the Shaman become an ism? I am sure the Native American medicine men are rolling in their graves. As far as I know, only certain people could live in two worlds. These people were deemed the medicine men and Shaman-which I heard that word actually originated somewhere around Russia. Regardless, how can one teach another to communicate with plant and animals? Just listen, they will speak. These “shaman” can communicate on levels lost to “civilization”. They were equaled by sorcerers and magi and sages and wise men of every nationality. They could communicate with the dead, possibly even see the dead. They were the connection between the real world and dream world. We all dream, but these shaman, were the ones to bring the dream world into reality. The unconscious into consciousness. Can we teach someone to be a prophet? Did Moses teach people how to hear the burning bush? It is even hard for a modern day American to meditate. I guess if you reduce something into its most simplified form and don’t worry about quality, anyone can be anything. Never mind ones purpose. Anyone can be a musician, right? Anyone an artist, anyone can be a black belt. Why not, anyone can be a medicine man. All it takes is some humility, and a sense of humor. Smile, and you can communicate with the dead. Right, laugh at yourself and you will know what plant to eat and what plant will kill you. Be kind to others and you can leave your body at any time to do work off of the material plane. Teaching someone to be visionary requires that you are willing to learn from them, how they struggle, what obstacle they must overcome in life. It requires a sense of empathy for others. Be them. Hey, in America today, any one can be anything, granted that they have the most superfluous knowledge of the events in question. Sure, why not. Take no account of how hard this guy worked to get where he is, oh you did it once-you have obviously mastered it. Great Job. Keep up the good work. Shouldn’t the aspiring shaman have to live as a shaman, with a shaman. Does that require losing your identity? Is this a life path? Or can I just be a shaman for a couple years and then when I find out that it doesn’t pay the bills, drop it and become a cook-like that will pay the bills? In order to teach shaman-ism one must have the heart and the mind in the first place. I guess anymore, you don’t have to give up your life in order to do it. Sure, learn it for a couple years, come back to America or England and open up your own shaman dojo- it is an honest living. Don’t forget your respect.