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What are the Healing Benefits of Turquoise

What are the healing benefits of turquoise?

Turquoise has been highly prized by different cultures such as the Egyptians and the Native Americans, not only for its beauty but for its symbolism as well.  This stone ranges from a lovely sky blue to gorgeous deep greens depending upon its mineral copper or iron content.    Personally, some of my favorite turquoise is the Kingsman turquoise known for a very strong blue green tone with very little mottling.

Some of the most beautiful turquoise is mined in the American southwest though it is also found in many other regions.  The Chinese are known to manufacture chalk turquoise which is basically pulverized or powdered turquoise mixed with chalk and a dye resin for stability.  Although marketable, the actual turquoise content is minimized through this process, thus depleting its value.  Turquoise used in Native American jewelry is often raw or tumbled and polish turquoise, and not of the less valuable chalk variety.

Turquoise has been used to adorn the tombs and burial masks of the ancient pharaohs and also had spiritual significance.  The Egyptian goddess Hathor was thought to be the ‘Queen of Turquoise’.  The ancient Egyptians believed that turquoise possessed mystical powers of protection, which is also a belief widely, held today by crystal healing experts.

Native Americans considered turquoise to be a powerful spiritual stone and was used by shamans in healing.    Many Native Americans believed that turquoise embodied the properties of the sea and the sky and brought protection and good fortune.  Native Americans often gave turquoise as a gift of great loyalty and true friendship.  The Apaches valued turquoise for its protection in battle, as they believed it helped them to be more accurate and focused.

Today many crystal healers say that turquoise not only protects a wearer, but it has the ability to relax the mind and allow the wearer to respond creatively to situations.  It is often said that it is a great all around healer and wonderful for those in a state of stress.  Turquoise is credited with the healing properties of purification, opening the heart and mind to love, fighting depression, and balancing the meridians of the body.  It is also said to help with mood swings and is beneficial in the process of self-realization.  It is considered to be a great peaceful purifier and protector.  Turquoise is a stone associated with strength, balance, peace and friendship – imbuing the wearer with powerful meditation energy and spiritual wisdom.  Strongly used in deep meditation,  turquoise has an inherent quality of relaxing the mind and spirit.