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Wes Andersons Influence on Filmmaking Today

Wes Anderson’s influence on filmmaking today

Wes Anderson is the most stylish filmmaker of pop cinema. He has created a style which combines that of Jean-Luc Godard and Martin Scorsese in a way that can’t be matched by any other filmmaker. His movies are unique, his style is like nothing we have seen before.

Already in ‘Bottle Rocket’ (1996), Wes Anderson showed he was planning on bringing forward a filmmaking style entirely new in cinema, which would soon become his signature style. Influencing young filmmakers, together with already established ones, his films bridged the gap between the corporate Hollywood machine and the independent film world.

In his next film, ‘Rushmore’, released in 1998, Anderson used his experience from studying in a private school. The ‘Royal Tenembaums’ (2001) took its audience through the tragic journey and tarnished relationships of each of the family’s members and their unlikely reconciliation. The ‘Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou’ was Anderson’s most anticipated work. The script detailed the life of the once-praised oceanographer and documentarian Steve Zissou, and his quest to hunt down and kill the viscous jaguar shark in order to avenge the untimely death of his best friend. 

In 2007, Anderson’s ‘Darjeeling Limited’ followed three brothers’ emotionally daunting journey, across the Indian landscape, which proved to ultimately restore their relationship. In 2009 Anderson released his next film ‘The Fantastic Mr. Fox’, an animated feature film based on the famous book by Roald Dahl.

Anderson has admitted his work to have been heavily influenced by the French auteuristic filmmakers Francois Truffaut and Louis Malle; not only has he adapted the former filmmakers’ hands-on production approach, but he has also drawn from their unconventional portrayal of characters facing tragedy. It also becomes obvious when watching Anderson’s films, that F. Scott Fitzgerald’s and J.D. Salinger’s characters’ fall from grace has been an attraction to the filmmaker. Anderson has finally credited Charles Schultz’s ‘Peanuts’ to have influenced the aesthetics of his films.

Wes Anderson manages to always charm his audience. With his team of very talented, well-known actors like Owen Wilson, Bill Murray, and Jason Schwartzman he achieves this comedy quality that has made him one of the top filmmakers of his time.

Wes Anderson has brought filmmaking a unique and colorful approach. He has innovated a medium that has actually seen very little innovation since its creation. But apart from his style which makes him greatly influential to other filmmakers, his brilliant execution of the many techniques he pioneers, makes him one of the best writers-directors the world has ever seen.