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Websites devoted to learning about the Catholic faith

There are many reliable websites that offer information and resources on the Catholic Faith. The Catholic Church’s relationship with the world begins in Vatican City, located in Rome, Italy. The Vatican’s (Holy See) website is available in eight languages. Historical information as well as the most up-to-date information from Vatican City and the world as it relates to the Catholic faith can be found on this site. Catholic church teachings, its traditions and doctrine are showcased and explained as well as the history of many famous Biblical people.

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops is another informative site that outlines current concerns, policies, and issues that Catholic Bishops are called to address. The American Bishops meet twice yearly to discuss policies, doctrines, and have elections that affect the American Catholic faithful. The mandates and decisions made during these meetings are showcased on this website.

The National Catholic Register is known as America’s Most Reliable Catholic News Source. Seasoned and experienced journalists provide timely news on events that affect the Catholic Church and the world at large. Some of the topics covered are travel, entertainment, art, education, books, news and editorials.

Catholic Relief Services offers readers the opportunity to see how the Catholic faithful assist poor and vulnerable people of all creeds, race and religion across the globe, during times of natural and man-made disasters. This relief service is devoted and dedicated to carrying out this mission mandated by the American Bishops. The website showcases current missions and offers opportunities for site visitors to donate time and/or resources to assist with these missions.

Inform, Inspire, and Ignite is the mission of the Catholic Online Website. This site offers information on Catholic life, prayer, daily readings, the Bible, Saints and online shopping opportunities. The website comes to life with audio and videos on a wealth of topics as well as breaking news alerts.

The Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN) offers the best of both worlds; besides being a website, it is also a television network that operates out of Irondale, Alabama that is exclusively devoted to the Catholic faith. EWTN also broadcasts via Catholic radio stations across the nation and Canada. As a website, EWTN offers something for everyone. There is a Catholic Q&A section, a children’s section, and a religious catalogue among much more that is all attuned to the Catholic faith. Visitors to the site can learn how to visit the EWTN site in Alabama as well as the nearby shrine where EWTN founder Mother Angelica and her religious sisters live and pray. Besides visiting EWTN there is also no shortage of shrines, churches, and basilicas in other parts of the United States as well as across the world to visit.

There are also many ways for Catholics to express their faith, and it can be through jewelry, books, CDs and other types of resources and icons that will help educate as well as evangelize. You can help perpetuate the Catholic faith by using gift-giving ideas found on the #1 Catholic Store Website. Find items appropriate for every Catholic season (e.g., Advent, Lent) and sacramental occasion, such as baptism and Holy Orders.