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Ways to Empower your Life through Visualisation

Ways to empower your life through visualisation

Visualisation as a skill is only now beginning to get the recognition that it deserves thanks in part to the many self help books out there that use this technique.   This is a skill that has been used for centuries by certain groups from the martial artists of the orient to the magicians and occultists of the western and eastern worlds.  It is also a skill that many can learn since all it needs is a little time and effort to produce the results you want.

Sport was one of the first commercial areas that saw the benefit of visualisation.  Nowadays sports stars will mentally visualise what they want to achieve hundreds of times before they actually play.  So golfers will visualise the perfect swing or tennis players will visualise the perfect backhand.  By visualising this in their mind enough times they hope to influence muscle memory so that it happens naturally. 

This type of visualisation can be used any time you have an experience coming up that you want to be successful at.  Have an interview but are feeling a little nervous.  Visualise yourself answering all those questions with a smile on your face over and over again.  Then when you go into that interview and the question is asked that answer will come out without you thinking about it or acting nervous. In a bowling league with an important match coming up.  Visualise yourself getting those perfect strikes

Anytime you want to be successful at something just spend about thirty minutes each day visualising in your head what your ideal outcome is.  Do this a couple of days before the actual event and you will be surprised at the results. 

Therapists and councillors will often use a combination of visualisation and affirmations as part of a treatment plan for emotional problems.  This is just as easy as visualising yourself being successful.  Visualise yourself in the situation that creates an emotional problem for you then visualise yourself overcoming that obstacle in whatever way you want and say to yourself “I am not powerless”.

By using a combination of visualising the outcome you want and a simple set of four words you are creating a link in your brain.  If you do this small exercise each day for a week the next time you say those four words you will automatically feel how you did when you overcome your obstacle in your visualisation.

You can also use this type of visualisation and simple phrase link to help in normal day to day matters.  Going out on a date and feel nervous? No problem just visualise yourself being confident and outgoing but this time also feel confident.  Hold on to that feeling of confidence and add in a simple set of three or four words to act as a trigger.  Then when you are out on that date later on say those trigger words and feel that confidence rush back into you. 

Visionaries and thinkers throughout the ages have said time and time again that we each create our own world.  Using visualisation shows this as we can change our behaviour and our reactions just by changing our thinking and visualising an outcome we want.  We literally are what we think we are, so why not think ourselves into a happier, more confident and successful place.