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Was it Gilgamesh or Noah – No

In 2008, just counting those with vertebrae, over 130 new species were discovered. Evolution at work. But for Darwinism to be accepted by the religious, they would have to accept scientific facts, over blind faith. Not even able to accept the earth being more than five thousand years old, their closed minds will keep them from ever accepting the fact these new species evolved at all. Their belief being, they’ve just been hidden from scientists up to this point.

Theologians of Christianity have debated the Old Testament even taking place. They have gone as far as saying the Old Testament is just an example of God’s might. Not the vengeful genocidal monster as portrayed in the Bible. Judaism though, uses it as their Torah, the core of their belief, and Christians use it as proof Christ was the Son of God. Not even considering any evidence such as Gilgamesh, the story of the great flood that took place 500 years before the story of Noah, they isolate themselves from scientific findings, or even historic events. Relying on myths and hearsay, they close their minds to any other possibilities.

As with any other story, time is subjective. Did God create everything in seven days? It’s a story, that could have taken the millions of years scientists say. Anything written by man, can be considered fallible. But because of the blindness within the religious community, what some men have written in the Bible and other texts, is fact. It helps when the texts themselves even say you’re to follow the words blindly, and to not question what it has to say. In scientific terms, programming.

Fundamentalists in every religion will always keep the debate going against evolution, no matter what any scientist may find. As long as they control the religious community, Darwinism will always be a sin to even suggest. The idea it’s even a form of programming itself, they are also the ones to remind you to teach these same ideas to your children, to ensure the continuance of the the blind faith, as well as the debate. They must teach it to ensure religion wins over science. To believe evolution at all, is to turn their back on their faith. That God didn’t breath life into Adam after making him from dust. For to agree to Darwinism, they would have to admit to a section of the Bible being wrong. That would bring doubt to the Bible, and that would harm the blind faith of millions. At that point, the debate becomes stronger over the existence of God. Darwinism is an easier battle for them to argue.