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Virgo Sun Sign Virgo Men Virgo Women Trait of Virgo Virgo

Virgo Traits and How They Affect Your Personality.

Virgos sometimes get a bad rap in modern astrology: seen as nitpicky and overly critical, the positive traits of the Virgo male or female tend to get lost, but there are many wonderful characteristics of this Sun Sign. While it is true that Virgos can be a little too cool or calculating in their approach to work, family, and love, they have a purity and a desire to help their fellow man, which can really compensate for their clinical attitude towards life. If you are a healthy, stable Virgo, you will want to assist the people you love, and the people you work with, in any way you can. When a Virgo cares about something, noone is more dedicated or meticulous: you can count on Virgo, come hell or high water, and this makes them indespensible at the office, or at home.

Virgos tend to have a magnified focus: they see the minute details, leaving the visionary work to Pisces or Saggitarius! Virgos pay attention to detail in every area of their life, and they can see the slightest flaw in any design, plan, or person. If you love a Virgo, you too will be under the microscope. You clothing, hygiene, and health will all fall under their careful scrutiny. If you pass muster, you will find a loyal, caring friend, who doesn’t get bogged down in messy emotions very often. Virgos do have feelings, but they tend to suppress them, in order to get things done. If you have a Virgo mate, you may get exasperated with their critical natures, and the way they fuss and nitpick: if they really love you, though, they are only trying to help. Virgos want to realize their potential, and they want you to be the best you can be, as well. It’s tough to please a Virgo, especially when they are cranky, which can happen quite often. Virgos set such high standards for themselves and other people: this can create unrealistic expectations, which noone can really meet. When Virgo makes a mistake, they will be merciless with themselves. When you make a mistake, they can also take you to task and make you feel rotten. If you are sensitive, a Virgo may grate on your nerves, but they can help you refine your methods and organize your life.

Virgo females often have a delicate appearance, regardless of their weight, and their health can be fragile. They are subject to many psychosomatic illnesses, triggered by their nerves, and they tend to guard their health carefully. Virgo will look good in pure white, or gentle earth tones. Virgos tend to dress in practical clothes, eschewing ruffles or baubles. They feel best when they project a refined, classic image: think Lauren Bacall, a sultry Virgo with an elegant bearing.

Virgo males can live out their lives without marrying or having children, more easily than men of other Sun Signs. They prefer an ordered life, free of noise and confusion. If they are married, though, they will approach the relationship with the same sense of service they bring to their work. As parents, they may be staid and overly demanding of their children: their high standards may cause children to resist their control. They will love and serve their children, however they interact with them, and they will always be there when needed. Virgo men aren’t known for their romantic natures, but they are reliable, and they can be warmed up with genuine affection. A more emotional, demonstrative partner will balance out the Virgo coolness well, as long as the person is not too over the top. Some good matches for Virgo are Cancer and Capricorn. These signs are domestic, and not too flighty.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about Virgo. This sign has many strong points, and Mother Teresa, who helped the sick and destitute, is one of their shining examples.