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Virgo and Aquarius Relationship Compatibility and Virgo with Aquarius Love Match

Your Aquarius lover has such a friendly personality. Too friendly, you might sometimes think. Aquarius seems to be involved in so many clubs, groups and societies that romance hardly seems to get a look in. The most difficult thing for you is that you are a very private person. Of course you enjoy your friendships, but there’s a time and place for everything. And you like to feel as if your own home, for instance is the place where you can relax and be yourself.

But when your Aquarian lover keeps inviting all his or her friends around to your place, it isn’t easy to find any peace, let alone any privacy. And if you complain, your partner just won’t understand what you’re getting at. He or she has always lived a life surrounded by friends and it’s unlikely that a love-affair is going to change your Aquarius in any way. No matter how important your relationship gets to mean to them.

Talking of importance in relationships and this too could prove to be a problem. What you’ll probably find is that you place so much more priority on a romantic partnership than your Aquarius does. And it’s not as if it’s “romance” you are looking for because it isn’t. What you are hoping for is the chance to share your thoughts and feelings with someone you can trust.

You like to feel as if you can depend on your partner if you needed them. And you need to feel as if you can hold an intelligent conversation with your lover. Well, Aquarius is certainly intelligent. But he or she is so full of schemes and dreams that they just don’t seem to be very practical. It’s not easy to hold a common-sense conversation with an Aquarian. Their mind always seems to run off on a tangent.

If ever there was a sign which was totally unpredictable it would be the Aquarius. So what on earth are you doing mixed up with someone who leaves you completely at a loss for words each and every day?

You need routine and order in your life, but it’s unlikely you’ll ever find that with an Aquarian. They’re restless, adventurous, independent and unpredictable. Their lifestyles are subject to constant change and this doesn’t bother them at all. But how can you possibly keep up with all that’s going on in their lives when you’re too busy trying to balance accounts and wondering how you’re going to make both ends meet when your partner seems to have no money sense at all?

Aquarians are dreamers and this will frustrate you even more. If only they would try to put some of their thoughts into action but no, they’re quite content building Castles in Spain. There are so many things that will tend to aggravate you that sadly this could hardly be called a fantastic relationship.