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Using the Computer for Magic

Many followers of the magical practices know two simple facts play into any magical working. Your intent and the energies you put behind your working are very important to the outcome. You act in the mundane world to set up success of the magical workings. Keep those two things in mind, you can and do affect others through the computer in both mundane and magical ways.

Let us take the magic out of things for just a minute. Let’s say you get an e-mail from your sister that speaks of wonderfully great news or of your shared love. That leaves you smiling and feeling good. On the same line, if she writes and tells you how miserable you made her childhood, you will be feeling down and depressed or maybe angry. That e-mail had an effect on your mood that ripples out to other areas of your life.

If you are feeling good, you tend to pass that feeling on to other people. You smile at the store clerk and lighten up that lunch rush a bit. You may offer a joke to a friend who needs it without even knowing it. Your good mind set helps others.

If you are feeling Dark then that is what you will give off to those around you. You may snap a lot faster at some little irritation from your spouse or children. You may not wait your turn well at the bank. Your darkness will hurt others through your tone of voice, body language, and actions.

The bottom line is that your sister’s e-mail directly affected your mood, life, and way of dealing with others. She acted in the mundane world, added her own intent to her mail, and put in her personal energies. Now let’s add a bit of magic to it.

Your sister heard that you have been ill. She places a few magical items as well as your picture next to the computer. She writes you a concerned e-mail and toward the end includes a short poem:

* We’ve shared the years, my sister dear
And for your health, I carry fear
So with these words I ask for your recovery
So we can continue our path of discovery
My energies I share with you today
May the powers that be, help you on your way

She states her intent, asks for the Divine’s help, and generally wishes you well. That is her magical working. Not everyone may see it as a spell. It would fall under many people’s radars. Therefore, an even shorter one-line message or a picture can be added to a line of communication and be considered a magical working.

Add a group of people focused on the same outcome, with the same intent, and at the same time, and the working has even more power. Imagine ten of your friends patting your back about a story you wrote and how motivating that would be. What would happen if ten people were yelling at you for something you said against their faith? Would you feel the power of that even without magical intent and energies?

You should keep in mind that using the mail, the computer, or other distant forms of magic adds wait time for your outcome. All of your path’s rules still apply so think before you type. It is easy to get mad in a chat room and apply your skills, but it is not usually a good idea.