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Usher Diddy Dirty Money Idol American Idol

American Idol: Usher vs, Diddy

A hot debate is happening over the Internet between fans of Usher and fans of Diddy. Many say that Usher’s performance on American Idol was the best, but die hard Diddy fans disagree, proclaiming the Hip Hop mogul as the best of the best.

Usher Raymond certainly is a brilliant performer. His dance moves and stage presence are somewhat reminiscent of a younger Michael Jackson. His large, attractive smile, and amazing vocals make Usher a force to be reckoned with. Usher did very well on American Idol. He also performed on Ellen this past week in which he and several dancers performed twice during the 1 hour program. Usher is versatile and well on his way to becoming a legend….but until then, there’s Diddy.

Formerly known as Puff Daddy, P. Diddy and now just “Diddy,” Record Producer, Rap Artist, Actor and Businessman Extraordinaire, Sean “Diddy” Combs performed with Dirty Money partners Kalenna and Dawn Richard on a recent American Idol’s result show. The song, “Hello, Good Morning,” was a definite crowd pleaser.

A full orchestra, and stunning white suit set the amped up atmosphere for Diddy’s rock star entrance. The new single he performed is part of his upcoming album entitled “Last Train to Paris.” Diddy has described his new album as “emotional, provocative, limitless music you can sink your teeth into.” His fans are going wild, waiting to get their hands on this new, unique style that Diddy is bringing to the table.

A spectacular show of strobe lights, about halfway through the performance, was dedicated to the people watching at home. Diddy gave America a shout out and asked everyone at home to rock out right along with him. The studio crowd responded to the call and a roar of applause filled the air.

The creative display of lights, music, and screaming fans certainly left Diddy and Dirty Money with an outstanding publicity stunt. It was great public relations all around. Maybe “PR Manager” is another hat Diddy should consider wearing in the boardroom.

Diddy ended his performance by running into the studio crowd, and becoming even more personable for his adoring fans. That’s just one of the many ways that Diddy continues to remain both beloved and approachable to the millions worldwide that love to repeat his lyrics and rock out to his incredibly addictive beats.